Fisher Gold Bug DP

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

It doesn’t matter to Chinese what they produce, especially if you are ready to buy it. Here is, for instance, a new product 2018 – Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a… Garrett 8.5?11 DD coil. Isn’t it cute? The package also includes the Garrett locking collars and a strengthened armrest (counterfeit parts). Some hybrid fake, eh? Continue reading

Opening the Fisher Gold Bug PRO (repair). In pictures

Here’s a photo review of the Fisher Gold Bug PRO/Fisher Gold Bug DP teardown. It will surely come in useful for someone whose unit needs to be repaired. If you also need the detector circuit diagram, you can reach me via email – I’ll provide you with this one. Wishing you all happy hunting without breakage! Continue reading