A coil discharged & XP Deus doesn’t see it. What is to be done?

There are cases when the XP Deus doesn’t see the coil. For example, if the latter was completely discharged before. What is to be done if the XP Deus doesn’t see the coil.

I will provide an example. The XP Deus of my friend had been lying around for a long time. The remote control and coil had been fully discharged. But we successfully charged them, switched the XP Deus on and… the detector didn’t see its coil!


We turned the machine on and off (many times) – no result. We deleted the coil and reentered its serial number. The remote control didn’t see the coil, as if it hadn’t been present at all.

The XP Deus has no hard reset – neither on the coil nor in the remote control. We tried to reinstall the software (version 3.2). The result was the same: the coil in standby mode and the machine didn’t see it.
The solution came by chance… We put the coil on charge and switched the remote control on. And the XP Deus saw its coil at once! We took the coil off the charger and then it was operating as usual.

The XP Deus is an excellent device. By the way, do you know how to make two detectors from one XP Deus? Have you seen an impressive fake of the latest XP products? But what I like the most is one photo of the XP Deus where the metal detector shaft is made of wood. Great! Good finds to everyone!

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6 Responses to A coil discharged & XP Deus doesn’t see it. What is to be done?

  • my Deus controll keeps on saying “no coil” so i’ll try your method hopefully it will work for me. mike.

  • I tried that but it still says “no coil”! :-( Any other tips people?

  • Bought a 5 year old used xp deus with a 9″ and 11″ coil that had being left uncharged. Charged every thing up , ws5 headset the remote and 11″coil worked great. 9″ the coil no so. The ws5 showed 2/3 charged on coil but would give sound when passed over metal. The remote showed no coil. Did what was suggested. Boom the remote picked up the coil. Shut every thing off turn it back on the remote connected with coil again. Whaa I now have a 9″ coil. Thanks sooo Much for the great info.

  • Bought an 11 inch XP Deus coil, inter the serial number, light on coil is blinking but the remote control
    does not see the coil.
    “no coil” coil is fully charged and was bought used. But I bought the XP Deus New with the V.4 installed.
    I have a 9 inch elliptical, it works. also a 9 inch standard, it works…
    just this used 11 inch coil is not recognized …

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