3 Teknetics AmeriTEK detectors (+ price). NEW 2017

Teknetics is going to release its 3 new metal detectors – Teknetics Patriot, Teknetics Liberator, and Teknetics Minuteman. Take a look at the first photo and prices. Are these the new products 2017 you have been waiting for? Has the manufacturer guessed your wishes rightly?

3 Teknetics AmeriTEK detectors (+ price). NEW 2017

Allegedly, the new devices will be sold only in the US. It’s also known that the Teknetics Patriot is based on the Fisher F70 platform. Here are the prices for the new units:

Teknetics Minuteman — $249
Teknetics Liberator — $349
Teknetics Patriot — $449

Very much to the point of this news, the price of the Teknetics metal detectors has slumped in the US. Are they preparing storage facilities for the new models? All info on the new machines will be collected here — Teknetics Patriot, Teknetics Liberator, Teknetics Minuteman.

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  • still waiting the mosca… not those entry md.

  • Teknetics Patriot:

    13 kHz
    Frequency Shift
    All Metal Auto-Tune Mode
    0-99 Target-ID (VDI)
    Target-ID Confidence Bar
    Ground Balance to Salt
    Push-button Static Pinpoint
    Speed Selection
    Non-Voltative Memory (Saves Settings)

    Teknetics Patriot

    and… ))


  • + Teknetics Patriot video

  • Unboxing the NEW Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector:

  • Teknetics Ameritek Liberator – Park Hunt

  • Fisher F70 is still priced around $649, so $449 for equivalent Patriot seems a good deal or are there hidden differences?

  • Hi,the new jackets look great,shame they didnt put the patriot on the T2 SHAFT! thats what the F70 needed,but jacketcover and coil is a great start. the ameriteks arrive in uk+europe as i write this. atb hh

  • Teknetics Minuteman:

  • Looking forward to trying the Patriot and likewise It would have been a homerun to put this on the T2 rod setup wonder if it could be done?


  • Awesome Patriot comparison video.

    I looked at the Teknetics T-2 and Patriot comparison videos other sites. The Patriot seems to do the same as the T-2 for lot less money. I have been looking at the Garrett ATX & PRO along with Fisher Gold Bug 2. I am not convinced of the performance of the Garrett nor Fisher machines for a lot more money.

    I’m new to detecting. I’ve been investigating machines between $250 – $500 for my first purchase. After viewing over 75 tests on UTUBE and comparison’s on different site’s, I seem to be leaning heavily towards (first machine) the Teknetics Patriot for my prospecting introduction to the Gold prospecting hobby.

    Thank you for your honest tests and opinions!!!!!

    • John Barrows, now tell me what is the difference between Teknetics Patriot
      and Fisher F70? Especially when all three names Fisher, Teknetics and
      Bounty Hunter belong to the First Texas Product company.

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