Garrett AT PRO 2. NEW 2017

Garrett has announced a new metal detector. Underwater and wireless one. The project’s unofficial name is Garrett AT PRO 2. The product release date is 2017… First Texas said the same thing to treasure hunters a year ago.

A forthcoming new Garrett AT PRO 2 has been announced by Henry Tellez, the top manager responsible for international sales and marketing at Garrett, when being interviewed at a metal detecting rally, Netherlands.

The novelty is described in the following way… It will be an underwater machine for sure (this means an amphibian device, with water submersion up to 3 meters). Plus wireless technologies. To what extent will a new detector be wireless? They can make just the headphones, but they can also make both the headphones and a coil. At any rate, such things have long been made by XP, the French manufacturer.


Previously, First Texas (the manufacturer of Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter machines) announced similar plans – their new metal detector will be submersible and wireless as well.

All about Garrett is collected here. When the new product is released, we won’t miss it.

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  • If garrett brings out a dual frequency AT,PRO then I’ll buy. Single frequency just doesn’t cut it for me in salt water and iron infested water hunting. Fishers cz,20 is still by far the water unit and do all .

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