Garrett AT PRO 2. NEW 2017

Garrett has announced a new metal detector. Underwater and wireless one. The project’s unofficial name is Garrett AT PRO 2. The product release date is 2017… First Texas said the same thing to treasure hunters a year ago.

A forthcoming new Garrett AT PRO 2 has been announced by Henry Tellez, the top manager responsible for international sales and marketing at Garrett, when being interviewed at a metal detecting rally, Netherlands.

The novelty is described in the following way… It will be an underwater machine for sure (this means an amphibian device, with water submersion up to 3 meters). Plus wireless technologies. To what extent will a new detector be wireless? They can make just the headphones, but they can also make both the headphones and a coil. At any rate, such things have long been made by XP, the French manufacturer.


Previously, First Texas (the manufacturer of Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter machines) announced similar plans – their new metal detector will be submersible and wireless as well.



All about Garrett is collected here. When the new product is released, we won’t miss it.

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  • If garrett brings out a dual frequency AT,PRO then I’ll buy. Single frequency just doesn’t cut it for me in salt water and iron infested water hunting. Fishers cz,20 is still by far the water unit and do all .

  • If garrett really comes out with a wireless submersible detector as good as the original im on board to try one out. I recently switched over to minelab and would switch back if its really true. Send me one for testing. …

  • Need a backlightin all machines especially the pro & gold for early morrning and early evening

  • Yes your right a backlight would be a good idea

  • And a bigger display

  • Agreed. They really need to add backlit screen. If they add wireless, bluetooth, and GPS as well as the waterproof capability they will hit a home run.

    • Ill second that Marc,, bit of a squint in bad light, I hate headphone leads and I want to go in the surf. Hadnt thought of GPS but wow, that would save a bit of a faff :-)

  • 1. Back lighting
    2. Dual frequency,& change in the mid tone
    3. wireless headphones
    4. connection of plugs needs to be made easier
    5. internal coil cord ( in the shaft)
    6 the arm cuff could be built stronger along with a more comfortable hand grip
    7 final cost ? hope no more than $1000

  • Agree backlight is a must.

  • One small, often overlooked detail….a clock in the screen!

  • I’ll bite!

    Here is what I would like to see upgraded

    Wireless Audio
    Bigger screen
    LED backlight
    Dual Freq

  • I know AT pro 2 will be coming out the year 2017 will it look the same like the AT pro AT gold

  • I would like to see a better coil cover. The onesavailableat present are expensive and very fragile, I’ve have them break first time used. I have other detectors with original overs after years of use.
    Only thing wrong with the AP Pro.

  • Would like to see for At Pro 2 – lithium battery, bigger display, anti-sand in the cane, less heavy in total, more powerful in depth, the arm support be stronger, and the protective disk of At pro sois More solid than it cracks. :)

  • It would nice if they would put a volume control because some people don’t like to wear the head set some don’t like beeping sound so you can’t turn it down especially when you’re detecting on the beach you get a lot of looks ?

  • A variable fully ajustable range of audio tones to suit user ajusable on screen .better batery compartment acses and some form of pannel lighting ajusable from screen.

  • 2nd reply i find that in sunny conditions the screen tends to reflect sunlight in to eyes ie noway of ajusting angle.

  • If it could function on salt water beaches, would be a start

  • What I expect from it!

    -Lighter machine for all-day hunts
    -Bigger display screen
    -Larger VDI numbers
    -Better discrimination (I don’t use. But most do)
    -More sensitivity settings
    -Automatic ground balance (Very useful around beaches or highly mineralized areas)

    Can’t wait to get one!

  • I just bought 2016 at pro if I knew a new 2017 unit was comming out I would have waited but dealer did not share that info even though I asked about any upcoming changes or upgraded units.

  • Anyone looking for someone to detect with.Thanks

    • Where are you Dan… name on Facebook is Ray Angler

      • where you live Ray. I’m in South central Ky. At present I am less than a newbie as I have not yet bought my detector. I’m still vasolating between the At pro and a Makro Gold. Leaning toward the Makro but i really like the submersible ability of the At Pro. What’s your opinion?

  • If Garrett AT pro came out with a Bigger Display, back light I would be on board. If they just made it wireless I would keep what I have.

  • I contacted with Garret’s sales department asking for details like price and release date and the girl there told me she would forward the email to Henry Tellez ._. If I get some info I will post it here…

  • I lost my at pro in a house fire. I still have all of the coils I purchased. Will the at pro 2 work with the coil I have? I have them all but the 5×8 that I like the best that was on it in the fire.

  • I would love to have a new at Pro could you please send me one I’ve always wanted to metal detect I am a musician by trade

  • I could use the back light, volume control on the unit because some folks like me don’t like using head phones and wireless. Go ahead and send me one for testing and evaluating. Thanks!

    • The handle could definitely be more comfortable. The machine on the present shaft doesn’t seem well bslanced.

      Not sure why anyone needs all these different tones. Could use dual frequecies. I personally think if you go by the Fisher models like the 1266x and the CZ 20, combine these features into an AT Pro 2, you will have a heck of a machine.

      Shoot for making it less complicated and easier to use. And comfort is a major priority because a lot of people hunt all day. The older Fisher models have the newer machines beat in comfort.

  • When she gets to sell? What will be the price?

  • Here is my wish-list for the new machine whatever it might be called
    1 much lighter similar to fold ability like the deus with better cam locks
    2 coil cable needs to be inside the shaft with quick connects for changing coils on the fly
    3 wireless preferably Bluetooth 3.0
    4 waterproof more than 10 ft
    5 much larger back-lit display with volume control for when you don’t use headphones
    6 multiple frequency seems t work well for the other mfgs
    7 more ergonomic for comfort and all day swinging
    8 some way to notch out pull tabs or bottle caps either by size or something else
    9 two coils standard with purchase one for small precise and a larger for area hunting
    10 price near that of other multi feature machines.
    11 longer life lithium ion rechargeable battery packs and including the charger for auto or home
    12 machine lock if reported stolen like whites

    I am definitively hoping this new machine gets here in time for Spring water hunting

    • Agree but it seems they are suurendering 2017 to deus and nokta impact…Garrett is missing another buying cycle….makes no sense to me for higher end user base…cmon fellas!

      • Yup I’m looking at both my self I like all the w ish list but I also like a thr threshold

  • it needs to be good in salt water and beaches .if they dont it this time its time to move from garrett as they had long enough to do it vlf just does not cut now

  • The new Garrett metal detector is coming out May 6th 2017

  • Los detectores generalmente tienen un precio que no todos pueden asumir f?cilmente, por esta raz?n creo que ser?a una gran ayuda si contasen con una forma de ubicarlo v?a G.P.S ya que son un blanco f?cil y apetecido por ladrones. por otra parte es indispensable el desarrollo de esta herramienta en un tama?o menor para ni?os pues al usar los concebidos para adultos sufren mucho por el peso.
    Un cordial saludo desde Chile.

  • Back light should be easy as a mod after the warranty is out…. I may even try that on my own as a timed light or even a switchable. I would use a 3 volt 5mm or 3mm LED with a small timer circuit using a capacitor and transistor or manual switchable.

  • If it’s wireless ,better balanced ,more depth I might sell my ctx and pick it up. I loved mine but upgraded for those reasons.

  • There’s a photo going around of what is purported to be the new faceplate. It’s very interesting if accurate. I have the photo but haven’t yet been able to find the link where I obtained it.

    • The photo i saw looks really complicated .I just love the push the power button away you go ,simple even in pro custom Greg

  • It would be nice, in addition to all the other list, to have a “headups” information displayed on sunglass via bluetooth, so you can monitor the display without missing a signal hit the first time.

  • Bardzo ch?tnie bym przetestowa? now? maszyn? Garretta na Polskich ziemiach ?. Niestety pewnie cenna mnie przero?nie, ale pomarzy? zawsze mo?na o takim sprz?cie. Gratulacje dla firmy GARRETT!!! Wasze wykrywacze s? najlepsze! Brawo, tak trzyma?.
    Pozdrowienia dla Wszystkich Detektoryst?w.
    Dajcie zna? jak spisuje si? nowy sprz?t w terenie ?

  • It says the new model will be announced on May 06, 2017. Will the sale date be the same or will it take a while to hit stores?

    Thank you.

  • It’s May 6th, 2017. Where’s the beef?

  • I’m thinking that the BIG REVEAL will be timed with the Central Time Zone in which the Garrett Company is located. It’s now 10:30 A.M. here in the Eastern Time Zone.

    Watching the clock…

  • It was June,but AT MAX was not released. They say June,but the released is not clear.

  • .

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