XP Deus problems without a case. Sand inside the remote

Detectorists say that the XP Deus quality has deteriorated disastrously: a play in the shaft, leaking coils, the remote control with slots… The review submitted by commenter Aleksey provides a description of the problems he experienced with his new XP Deus. After using the remote without a case, he found some sand behind the screen.

Here is commenter Aleksey’s review (taken from MD-Arena blog): “I want to share with you a problem with my XP Deus. I haven’t heard about that kind of problem before, so it may be rather useful in some ways for you. I bought this detector quite recently and always use my wired headphones when hunting with it. Usually I keep my remote in the case, which was provided in the package, and wear it around the neck. On my last outing I found out that I had forgotten the case at home. However, making no reckoning of it, I put the remote with the headphones plugged in into the pocket, and here’s what I saw when I came home:

XP Deus problems without a case. Sand inside the remote

It seems sand got into the remote through a slot and got stuck behind the screen. Things don’t look good.

XP Deus problems without a case. Sand inside the remote

In addition, I want to say the following: the XP Deus quality has, in recent times, deteriorated disastrously. My new machine has extremely loose shaft connections, the coil I got in the package was faulty, with a battery completely ‘dead’. Furthermore, there is a slot on the remote control near the headphone jack:

XP Deus problems without a case. Sand inside the remote

Sad but true. Although I do love the detector itself very much. If I were to compare with the Minelab CTX 3030 that was sold after 5 years of nonstop field use, I would buy the XP Deus once again if its quality were on a par with that of the CTX 3030. Regards Аleksey.”

Learn from other people’s experiences and may your machines never break down. Thank you Aleksey! All content related to the XP Deus metal detector is collected here (news, tests, comparisons). On Knowledgebase pages there is additional info and special selections regarding this device – e.g., all about opening and repairing of the XP Deus. I wish all of you happy hunting without breakage!

3 Responses to XP Deus problems without a case. Sand inside the remote

  • hmmm no cover on the remote while using it in the sand, enjoy the scratch on your screen m8… i brought a deus shaft and never had any play in it , new shaft have grey collar and they are more sturdy than the previous one, plus you see on the picture the remote on the jack corner has propably felt somewhere it look like semi open.

    For the disk i dont have any issue with leaking either and im using it on wet sand , the only issue i have with the deus is on the battery that is loosing autonomy over time…. on the other hand the ctx3030 is well know for his battery gasket issue.

    One thing i dont like is brand fighting each other with false argument and its goes both way , xp fans against the world and the contrary. I dont like stupid fanboy wars.

    I will finish to said that there is not one best machine over another, there a bunch of good machine and there a machine for everything and everyone. Peace =P

  • over-priced and over rated, Im glad I sold mine as I had just too many issues and niggly faults with it.

  • I have been using a Deus for the last 3 years. I have had it in the water, rain, mud, dry heat (over 100F) and cold (-20F). Other than battle scars and other war wounds that any other machine would have suffered, the machine has never failed me. Anyone who knows me knows that I ma hard on my equipment and the way I treat my Deus is no different.

    Every brand has its faults and anything that is manufactured will have flaws over time. Have you brought these issues up to the people at XP? They have may want to have a looks at the case of your remote and if it is indeed a flaw in the manufacturing, I am sure they will rectify the situation. (Was it like that brand new?) It almost looks like the way plastic reacts when near a high heat source like a heater.

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