Minelab Pro-Find 25

Minelab Pro-Find 25 pinpointer Description. 360° side-scan detection area. Automatic power off after 8 minutes of inactivity. VLF and DIF technology. Holster included. Battery life: up to 30 hours.
  • Features

    • Manufacturers: Minelab (Australia)
    • Model: Pro-Find 25
    • Type: pinpointer
    • Protection against water: water resistant
    • Audible alarm: Yes
    • Vibration alarm: Yes
    • Adjustable sensitivity: Yes
    • Length: 23 cm
    • Weight: 194 grams
    • Battery: 9V



The Minelab PRO Find 25 is a hand-held pinpointer. It is designed to reduce time while determining the location of small finds like coins, jewelry and tiny historical artifacts.


The 360? detection area enables the user to effectively scan both vertical walls of the holes and horizontal ground planes. Manual sensitivity adjustment. High impact and shock resistance, protection against moisture. The Minelab PRO Find 25 is one of the most powerful among all competitors. The sensitivity of the device allows the user to detect finds which size starts with the fragment of the needle tip. The pinpointer has two types of alarm: sound and vibration. There is a function that signals if the user has forgotten to switch off the device and has left it inactive.


Additionally, the Minelab PRO Find 25 pinpointer has a built-in LED flashlight. The power supply of the device is a 9V “krona” battery, the rechargeable battery use is allowed. The continuous operation time is more than 12 hours.





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