Practical test for Minelab PRO-Find 35 (compared to the old one). Pinpointer battle

Do you have a pinpointer? How will this one react if there is a coin and a nail in the same hole? Will you cope with or give up on such a difficult test? You surely have an old probe, but today we are going to talk about a new Minelab PRO-Find 35. I wonder whether it can be really helpful to a treasure hunter: without producing false signals, truly time saving, without hidden monetary losses, and above all, better than the old one. Here’s, to all true detectorists, a comparative test of the Minelab PRO-Find 35 in practice. Does Minelab’s new probe provide good performance or is it the useless beeping thing?

There exist different opinions about the old Minelab PRO-Find 25: some don’t like this pinpointer, whereas others are delighted with it. Although it isn’t important any longer, today the old pinpointer is needed for one thing only – to compare it with the new one, and… I urgently need your opinion: is it worth buying this unit, or is it better to choose the competitor’s probe?

Let me remind you: this autumn (2017) Minelab released several novelties among which there are two pinpointers – a mega cheap Minelab PRO-Find 15 and a super expensive Minelab PRO-Find 35. These probes turned out to look not similar to the already existing ones (like those from the competitors, the Fisher F-Pulse and Teknetics Tek-Point, the other new products). Plus, the Minelab PRO-Find 35 probe has a quite unique discrimination feature.

All about the Minelab PRO-Find 35 is collected here and here. Those who read the MD-Hunter blog will be the first to know the truth about this new pinpointer!

3 Responses to Practical test for Minelab PRO-Find 35 (compared to the old one). Pinpointer battle

  • Once I’ve comitted to digging a target I’ve decided to take on the task of digging regardless of what the item in the hole turns out to be. I can’t imagine of having a top notch machine and making and making a decision to dig or not once my fingers hit the dirt.

  • “And then it hit me like a diamond bullett”

    Checking for coins in walls or eaves and ignoring nails could be helpful. Before taking a hatchet to some old horse hair plaster in an attempt to find a coin between the nails could be impractical. But the iron disc may aid this form of treasure hunting.

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