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What is deep metal detector

A deep metal detector (also called a deep search or deep seeking device) will ignore small targets and will only see large finds at a depth of up to 6 meters. Despite their narrow focus, deep seeking units are very popular among treasure hunters. They help search for various military trophies, pipes, chests, hoards, cables, ore veins, caves, voids. A deep metal detector is also good for hunting from the water surface.

Deep search units operate on the principle of reception and transmission. They are equipped with two coils (receive and transmit ones) which are located at a distance parallel to each other. Because of this, a device has a massive look and is heavier than a ground detector. The average weight of a deep unit is about 3kg that enables one person to work with it.

Deep search metal detectors often have no interface which is frequently replaced with a movable-pointer indicator and all necessary information about the detected object is perceived by the operator aurally. A deep detector generally has a small number of search settings. In most cases these are ground balance, threshold and sensitivity. Also, a unit has a headphone jack.

Despite simple settings and ease of use, deep seeking detectors have an impressive cost, but hunting with such a device always gives interesting finds.