Why I don’t like Whites TRX pinpointer. Video

A good pinpointer has an ability of searching both in the hole and on flat ground. Watch the video: why the Whites TRX isn’t capable of searching on flat ground.

If you’ve dug out the hole and a coin is lying nearby in the excavated dirt… You take the pinpointer, check the hole first and then start checking the dirt. How is it better, however, to wave the pinpointer? Vertically, scanning over the ground pencil-wise? Or horizontally, covering the maximum area in a sweeping motion? Of course, horizontally! The coin will be found more quickly in such a way.

But if the middle part of your pinpointer antenna (detection portion) is blind and skipping, searching on the horizontal plane loses its effectiveness. This is what happens to the Whites TRX.

It should also be added that the Whites TRX pinpointer very often gives false responses… Turn the device on, raise and lower the tip several times – at maximum sensitivity you will immediately receive false responses. And since recently the Whites TRX can be used underwater.

All about the Whites TRX is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Whites TRX. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • The Whites TRX is one of the deepest… But I don’t need maximum depth; with it the main purpose of the pinpointer – to save time – is lost. In practice, optimum depth needed for the pinpointer to pick up a coin is 5-7cm.

    • So lower the sensitivity!

      • I don’t want to sit over the hole trying to understand… are these false responses? Will I need to press this button once more? Can I have missed a find and do need to check once more?

        I want to take the pinpointer, simply switch it on, stick into the hole, pick up a coin and simply switch the device off. That’s how the pinpointer should work. And I don’t need anything more from it!

  • if u have lots of false signals, put sens down and don’t bother writing that smth is “bad”…

  • Best pinpointer on the market. The problem is you are trying to use it like a Garrett propointer. It is a tip down designed pinpointer. If your item is in the side of the hole you won’t keep digging deeper.

  • The beauty of the trx is you know EXACTLY where the target is in the hole, especially if you use the ratchet feature. Dig enough targets and it will save you from boogering up a nice coin or button. It doesnt false anymore than other pointers. Most dont ground balance and wonder why they false.

  • i sold the replacement trx white’s sent me after the original foundered…twice, it still didn’t work right after the repair. I found out that i don’t need or want a mini detector, i just need a pinpointer, quick and easy, and for $50 on ebay i got one with the old bullseye ii.

  • I tried this same test with mine and it doesn’t have the no read areas that yours is having in this video? I can run a coin, key what ever and it doesn’t shut up all the way across the thing……Like mine better than my Vulcan 360 or Garrett Pro…….

    • You’re making a big deal about nothing. I like the TRX much better than my Garretts because it acts like a pin pointer. If I wanted something to turn on it’s side as you say to find a coin out of the hole I’d use my metal detector. My garretts go off in the hole and since the are sensitive not just at the tip you don’t know if the object is at the bottom or in the side of the hole. They’re not meant to be like the metal detectors security waves all over people at the club. They’re made to PIN POINT.

      • Exactly! The TRX is a “gamechanger” and this idiot apparently either works for Garrett, or is a S–T disturber. What is ir about the word “PinPoint” doesn’t this moron understand?

  • Would be very pleased to receive one of your current catalogues. I’ve asked for one in the past, but for some reason I’ve yet to receive one. Mail to Marty Maher PO Box 291 Langlois, OR. 97450 Look forward to receiving it ASAP. Thank you. Marty

  • Excellent pinpointer debt is great adjustable sensitivity can’t ask for more. Great product

  • I have used both and have been detecting for 15 years with multiple great finds and when i take friends or noobs with me to detect and they use a garret carrot they always dig to deep of a hole cause they cant pinpoint and the targets on the edge of the hole. Not an issue with trx. The trx is so good i can usually pin point the target with it without digging. Falsing dont happen unless you start it in the air or next to your metal detector or to close to a metal object, if you place the pinpointer on a clean piece of ground then start it, it auto groundbalances. Sounds like you dont know how to metal detect. I can pin point a bb with the trx using the ratchet feature. Garrett carrot is no comparison if you have half a brain and any md skills trust me. You should be able to pin point like your talking about using it parallel with your machine not with a pin pointer, you want accuracy and power and to know right where your target is and how far away from the tip of the pinpointer it is, get a trx. Lol try picking a bullet out a creek with a garret carrot vs a trx and see who wins in water with out a mask in murky water. WHITES MTX E-SERIES, MX SPORT, AT-PRO, CTX 3030, 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE

  • I don’t want an area locator, I already have one its called a metal detector, a pinpointer is just that, it pinpoints where the target is. If you check your hole with the garrett and others, and you missed by 1/2 inch your hole becomes deeper and wider. so the Garrett and others are just area locators, the TRX and Xp MI-6 are “pinpointers”

    • Gee, I wonder why people are still giving up to $300.00 even Now !! For a TRX. Because they work, with The right person using it, !!

  • TRX mám 6 rokov a som maximálne spokojný. Voda sa do nej dostáva cez malé svetlo. Nalial som epoxid zvnútra a problém je vyriešený!

    • I have TRX for 6 years and I am extremely satisfied. Water enters it through a small light. I poured epoxy from the inside and the problem is solved!

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