Why bright pinpointer is better while hunting. Video

Why do metal detectorists wear bright vests when going for an outing? The answer is simple: in order that hunters don’t take such a hobbyist for an animal. And why is a bright pinpointer better than the one in black while treasure hunting? The answer is simple, too… Watch the video.


And one more thing: when waving a bright pinpointer over the hole you dug, you can see the motion pattern of its tip better – it contrasts with the dark soil. When submerged in water, a bright probe is also more preferable.

Let me remind you: White’s have recently released the replacement shells for their White’s TRX pinpointer. Come in different colors, there is even a pink one (for you?). There is an important nuance in this regard: have you seen how this pinpointer’s shells can be replaced? Actually the White’s TRX probe is the most user-friendly in terms of replacement (and repair).

Other colorful pinpointers can be found on Knowledgebase Pinpointers pages. There’s all kinds of stuff there. By the way, the Chinese were the first to produce a pink probe.

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