Whites MX Sport. NEW 2016 (+video)

White’s has announced information about its new product 2016 — Whites MX Sport. Here are specifications, features.




Type of detector All-Purpose
Weight 4 lbs
Waterproof Yes
Backlight Yes
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Assembled Length minimum 41″
Assembled Length maximum 50″
Batteries AA x8
Headphone Jack 1/4″ Adapter included
Frequencies 13.8 kHz
Search Coill 10 DD (round)
Display Type LCD
Search Modes All Metal, Coin & Jewelry, Beach, Relics, Prospecting, Hi-Trash, Pinpoint
Technology VLF (Singie Frequency)
Discrimination Adjustable
Threshold Yes
Sensitivity Adjustable
Ground Balance (fixed) Yes
Ground Balance (auto) Yes
Programmable Target ID Yes
Depth Indication Yes
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Volume Adjustable
Audio Tones 22
Battery Life 20+ Hours
Warranty 2 Years




















All about the White’s MX Sport metal detector is collected here. Plus, there is additional info on the White’s MX Sport on Knowledgebase pages. Happy hunting to everyone!

54 Responses to Whites MX Sport. NEW 2016 (+video)

  • I want to see the MX sport in action please show testing?

  • Will the mx sport be able to be used in salt water and on saltwater beaches I hope so I’m going to sell my Garrett at pro and purchase one when they are released

    • It’s still a single frequency machine. You need a dual frequency or pi machine to work wll in salt water.

      • Guess you haven’t used an atpro in salt water. It will go from dry sand to wet sand and neck deep in water with just a ground balance adjustment. Not quite as deep as my excal’s but picked up 90% of my excel targets. Whites is famous for picking up hot rocks. Owned whites from a 6db up through dfx. At will match any of them and is waterproof. Just my opinion.

      • The at Pro is useless in saltwater don’t listen to anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. They just haven’t used a machine that actually works on saltwater.

    • Looks really nice, but could be much better with a wireless system, as the best in world,
      that you get with a ctx 3030 from minelab ! ! !
      Why is Whites designing realy good workhorse metaldetectors,
      but missing the race horses by so little extra on the circuitboard ?
      GOOD LUCK.
      German Peter.

  • Excited about the new Mx sport I have already sold my AT pro it’s a very good machine I just like the ideal of having threshold adjust and back light and I’ve owned whites metal detectors be for and they are great machines but Garrett metal detectors are great machines to

    • That’s quite a statement seeing as though the AT Pro is so adored! For the record, I did the same thing. So far, absolutely no regrets. My tired eyes can see that big screen better, Auto Track GB is sweet and, while being a little heavier than the ATP, it’s not as bottom-heavy as my old AT Pro was. I don’t do any water hunting, but to be able to hose a White’s down after I’m done using it is great too. You will like this machine.

  • I’ll be watching when this comes out for sale. My old coin master Classic 3 needs a buddy.

  • Can it be used on and work well on salt water beaches? I want to hunt gold in Florida

  • MXSport will retail for $799 in the USA.

  • Its going for a higher price than I wanted to pay, but I’m all in for another metal detector. Hope its better than my Garrett AT Pro, and my Teknetics T2 SE DST.

  • The device is 10 years late in the market. TOO late!
    NO fresh ideas, NO new technologies, just NOTHING
    to look at!
    For whom they did it? For THers or to calm themselves down?

  • I would love to know everything about this machine MX Sport

    • Great video.Can you make some videos of using the Sport in water and how it handles black sand. Also what kind of depth will it have when using it in the water? Thanks, Norm

  • Think I’m going to wait and see if the Mosca is real or a fantasy.

      • Ir sure looks to me that Fisher is finally coming out with a new water machine. I used a Fisher 1280X water machine and loved it. I can’t wait to see this machine. Any idea when in 2016 it will be out? Thanks, Norm

      • I hope the Mosca debuts this year. I also have to think that Garrett must be working on something else. No I haven’t heard of anything but a couple of improvements to the ATP would be awesome as well. A backlight and maybe dual frequency or imaging.

        The MX Sport doesn’t do enough for me to get one. I do like that they are going with a more modern style.

  • I agree with you that white’s eletronics is going the right way with a more ergonomic design, but they put old technology in a water proof package. I decided to wait and see the real reviews on this mx sport. Also would like to see review on other detectors coming out in 2016 before I buy.

  • What we want in the uk is a whites multi frequency lightweight machine like the sport,ergonmic ect,that can take on minelab, at the moment Xp deus seems to be the favorite.

    • Your White’s is on the brink of extinction. It is clear as ferrets are ferrets!
      And you are waiting for technological miracles from their side?
      That they still exist is a miracle!

      • True,had a xlt,dfx, and v3i now use a deus plus ctx 3030,been at this hobby along time all makers need to up there game,and give there customers what they ask for ,this is mainly what xp have done,except they need a multifrequency machine.

      • Oy vey… Someone a little upset that there’s some real competition to the ATP now? I’ve had both. I like both. Sold the ATPro ’cause I’m 50 years old and can no longer easily see my ATP display unless I wear glasses which keep getting caught in my headphone cable. Companies compete – it’s a great thing to see a real contender from the company that realistically started the whole thing back in 1950 making geiger counters. And personally, I only buy American hence the Garrett/White’s thing for me. Good luck and HH….

  • And why a mutifrequency detector,to cope with salt water better this is where the minelabs come into there own.

    • Multifrequency technology can cope with salty water and magnetic
      sand simultaneously!
      That’s why 1st Texas (Fisher) is working hard on their CZX (read: eXtended)

  • I love how people whine and complain about a new detector saying that it has no place in the market and cannot possibly compare to their CTX-3030. That my friend is what we call being a pretentious jerk. That is the same as saying that there is no place in the market for a Honda Civic because it simply cannot compare to your Mercedes. How about this… Instead of comparing the features of the MX Sport (which is currently selling for $749) to a $2500 detector and then poo pooing the whites for not being as advanced; lets compare the MX Sport to other metal detectors IN ITS PRICE RANGE. I’m certain that if you compare apples to apples you will see that there is most definitely a place in the market for a mid priced water proof detector with the the features found in the White’s MX Sport. Because we cant all drive a Mercedes can we?

    • You are right, price is o.k., quality is o.k., I am realy happy with many Whites since the 6000 Di,
      but would you realy mind to pay, may be 100 bucks more to get the MX-Sport with a wireless system for headphones ? A transmitter on board and a small reciever-box there you can plug in any earphone that you like as your personal favorit ?
      I also use a Spectra with wireless headphone. It is good, I like it, but only in wintertime in cold germany, because it offers me no comfort at all in summertime or than hunting nuggets in the outback. Good Luck and Happy Detecting.

      • Sorry, I forgot. With a wireless system like this, they would not need the extra special
        waterproof plug for headphones. It would be more easy and extra fun for anyone.

  • I have used mine several times in the last 2 weeks since I got it. I am very impressed with it. Great depth and easy to use. I have found coins at 8 inches that sound like they are only a couple inches deep. Whites did well with this machine.

  • I bought one…used it twice and sold my e-trac…enuff said.

    • might should have waited a little bit before doing so. Looks like there is a firmware issue but Whites is taking care of it. Here is what a rep for the company posted about the matter…

      MX Sport Owner Firmware Update

      We have updated the Sport firmware to address a concern related to audio on targets in close proximity. In some programs closely spaced targets will lock on as one long tone. This issue has been addressed and the resulting audio now sounds off for each target separately.

      While the update will be especially helpful to experienced users, the current version’s long-tone “lock-on” audio may be preferable for some users. Updating is at the user’s discretion. If you aren’t experiencing any problems with your MX Sport, no action is needed. All MX Sports manufactured after 3-24-16 will automatically have the latest firmware.

      If you would like to have your Sport re-programed, here is how to return to White’s at no cost to you:

      1. First, box up your Sport, preferably in the original box. Send the control box and search coil. Please include a note labelled “FIRMWARE” in the box.

      2. If you have e-mail and access to a printer, e-mail sales@whiteselectronics.com and we will e-mail you a printable label. If you don’t have access to e-mail, call us at 1-888-666-6121 and we will mail you the label.

      3. Affix the label to the box with clear tape. Drop off at a UPS Store or other UPS shipper.

      4. Once we receive your detector, we will reprogram it as quickly as possible and return via UPS to the same address. Normal turnaround is expected to be 1-2 weeks.

  • I like this forum. Seems like a lot of honest suggestions and advice.
    When i purchased my ATP under the impression it worked well in the ocean and wet sand. ( according to lots of videos ) To find I was disappointed with the machine ATP in the ocean and wet sand is an understatement.. It isn’t going to operate without adjusting the sensitivity and ground balance way way low. And even then it would send many false signals. I dug many ghosts targets. The machine was not going deep at all. But having said that when using the ATP machine on land and fresh water it is a work horse.
    I looked at a lot of videos which is the only place I have to learn about machines. I purchased the 3030 and thank you mam , sir it was a knock out in the ocean. The 3030 isn’t a PI machine but it works just fine without a hitch in the ocean or wet sand. The 3030 has a big program along with GPS. I don’t use the GPS section or went into custom to change the discrimination menu. Have a few coils and extra rods to make it easer to change when in trashy areas.
    I was looking at machines built in the USA for whenever a repair will come into play. Due to the 3030 isn’t made here is important to me. This new mx sport machine is the new kid on the block so testing in the field is a must. ( honest testing , not paid for testing like a lot of videos seem like they are)

    • Thank you, Gregory, we are doing our best. I think we should contact Whites to make some cooperation with them to get latest news, but until you read us you are welcome to send any info and photos to us, we are receiving a lot of advices, tips and secrets from coin hunters all around the world, so we would be glad to post it.

    • Single frequency machines will never be great on the beach. For it’s price range the ATP is a good all around machine. However for saltwater beaches you need either a multi frequency machine or a p.I. machine.

      The MX Sport is also a single frequency machine. It will have the same issues as the ATP.

      Congrats on your 3030.

  • I bought a mx sport it isn’t tracking well , mixed signals on resweep. A very hyper machine. Would like to know how to set it up for deep silver.

  • Whites MX Sport Recovery Test

    • Thanks for your testing and the video, but, the MX-Sport threshold sounds not realy stable.
      Aaaand, don`t you see the aluminium tripot-foot much to close to your demo-area ?
      Sorry, good meant work, but no help this way.
      But, please carry on, happy detecting and GOOD LUCK !

  • Did they get the bugs worked out of the MX sport

  • Ola.gostaria de saber se vcs mandam para o Brasil gostaria de comprar um detector MX SPORT

  • Hello sorry for my bad english… I want buy a detector to use on beach and max 0,4 m deep in salt water, just hunt of jewellery, wich one I can buy with max 600 euro ? Thank you :)

  • Whites MXSport over a few targets:

  • Bom dia a todos! Procuro a placa CI (CPU, de 2015) do MX Sport, e seu painel plástico transparente para substituir, pois os suportes dos parafuso estão quebrados. Alguém pode me indicar onde adquirir? Muito grato a todos! André – Brasil -SC

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