What’s inside a rich tomb. The photo is impressive

See the photo: gold finds from a rich tomb. Plus a photo of the consecration of metal detectors. I wonder… Is it before hunting? Or is it already absolution of sins after hunting at the tombs? ))





Last year (2014), Garrett told a story about a pastor, and treasure hunter by hobby, and his gold finds. Even priests are walking with metal detectors ))

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  • An ordinary hunter who found some old gold jewelry will still have to prove that he didn’t dig graves and there weren’t any bones near his find.

  • And that’s how chariots assembled, together with horses, are found. Looks like two old bikes ))


    Carefulness with which such finds are excavated is impressive. To painstakingly remove the layer – there must be super motivation for doing this… Robinson Crusoe could spend a year of his time on making a single stool. Are you ready for it? I am not ))

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