The proper depth test of Teknetics T2. Video

Identical soil conditions, search coil in a fixed position, invariable range of targets… While conducting the depth tests of your machine to be compared with others, you should do it the right way, as well as keep in mind special conditions. For instance, while carrying out a test you can add two targets at different depths. Here’s this very case: a proper depth test of Teknetics T2.

All about the Teknetics T2 metal detector is collected here (you do know, don’t you, that there exist Teknetics T2 fakes). On Knowledgebase pages there is also additional info on Teknetics T2.

2 Responses to The proper depth test of Teknetics T2. Video

  • It’s okay to get the right stuff and I have to work hard to find gold .does it work or not if it works then what is the limit of it’s depth

  • I am the owner of T2 and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the objects that are buried for years take much more of a test. Thank you!

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