The lightest metal detector. TOP 5 list

What’s the lightest metal detector you know? The Minelab Go-Find and XP Deus are usually considered as such. These machines aren’t the lightest, though. See the list of the TOP 5 lightest metal detectors.

#5 XP Deus

XP Deus metal detector

XP Deus metal detector, weight: 980 grams. Did you think it be the lightest? Certainly not. Although if you choose from the lightweight machines, the best one is the leader XP Deus.

#4 Bounty Hunter Gold

Bounty Hunter Gold metal detector

Bounty Hunter Gold metal detector, weight: 980 grams. And it’s really a proper ground search machine (it’s not exactly a very kids device).

#3 Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Compadre metal detector

Tesoro Compadre metal detector. Almost all Tesoro ground detectors weigh nearly 1 kg, but the Tesoro Compadre is even lighter – 900 grams. The second version, Tesoro Compadre SE, has the same weight.

#2 Bounty Hunter HandyMan

Bounty Hunter HandyMan metal detector

Bounty Hunter HandyMan metal detector, weight: 630 grams.

#1 Bounty Hunter Junior

Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector

Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector, weight: 500 grams. This ‘kiddy’ is quite popular and yields its finds. Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter Junior is the leader of not only the lightest detectors – there are lots of Chinese fakes for sale.

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