Teknetics G2+ and Detech 13 DD coil. Recovery speed test

Can a coil make a metal detector better? In my opinion, by changing the coil you won’t get anything except the depth. The same ‘improvements’ will go for both mid-level and professional level machines. Here’s a Nail Board test: Teknetics G2+ with a Detech 13 DD Ultimate coil.

As of today, a G2 (as well as its G2+ modification) is the best-selling unit in the Teknetics range. Some people consider the T2 and T2 LTD as such – they get it wrong.

All about the Teknetics G2/G2+ machine is collected here (comparisons, videos, tests, news). There is also additional info about Teknetics G2 on Knowledgebase pages. Tests, comparisons, videos related to a Detech 13 DD Ultimate coil are here and here.

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