Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker coil. NEW 2017

Coiltek has announced a new product 2017 – Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker coil – that fits the Minelab GP, Minelab GPX, Minelab SD machines (all of them are specifically made for finding gold nuggets). Coiltek has already had a similar coil (identical shape, size, name) in its model lineup, but it’s been a Mono version. The new coil comes as DD type. Continue reading

Minelab loses Coiltek exclusive. NEW 2016

Coiltek was Minelab’s exclusive partner. Suddenly there occurred an unexpected event: Coiltek has released coils for White’s detectors. It’s almost as if Garrett produced coils for Minelab. Continue reading