Metal detector homemade shaft (super!)

Metal detector homemade shafts almost always look terrible… But this option surprises with its simplicity and execution. Its exterior appearance is not inferior to the original factory shaft. At the same time this one is convenient and reliable. See the photo: a perfect homemade shaft for a metal detector. Continue reading

Garrett ACE AT strengthened armrest. Photo report

Since 2013, some Garrett ACE models have been coming with a strengthened armrest. If you apply large coils, the armrest will break down first; therefore, you should watch it (or buy a strengthened one at once). See the photo report: a Garrett ACE AT strengthened armrest. Continue reading

Flexible armrest. Video is impressive!

There has appeared a flexible armrest for a metal detector. It is sold at 15 euros. In the video this Garrett ACE armrest is being broken and trampled, and it’s all taking place against a background of the XP Metal range. It can be taken for “the ACE destruction video”. Watch this one: a flexible armrest. Continue reading