Minelab armrest for Garrett. I didn’t know that

Watch the photo, Minelab X-Terra armrest for Garrett ACE. The X-Terra armrest has a hidden advantage! Anyway, there will come that day when the original armrest breaks… The saddest thing is that it almost always occurs during a hunt.

Do you know how the armrest breaks in hunt? There is a flip as if the coil caught on a stone and for a few seconds you don’t understand what has happened. Do you know that the armrest starts to break even in a backpack?

The Minelab X-Terra armrest is suitable for the ACE 250 metal detector. There is a small slit but it can be easily removed by any seal.


The advantage of the X-Terra armrest. Most metal detectors have the armrest fixed with a screw and you need a screwdriver to take it off. And this is the Minelab X-Terra that has the armrest fixed with a plastic knob-bolt. Because of it the armrest can be attached and removed in seconds. It is convenient and, most importantly, it helps you save the armrest during transport. By the way, not only the X-Terra machines have such fastening, the other detectors I’ve seen also have it.

Here’s this knob-bolt. It is not difficult for the original plastic armrests’ owners to find the one to fit their items or to do it themselves.


Here is the slit, about 1 millimeter. Any seal and you’ll get even the armrest with amortization))


Perhaps, someone will be looking for an armrest and the original Garrett won’t be available, but there will be the Minelab alternative. Having the same price the Minelab armrest is even cooler))

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