Square coil or classical one? Video

White’s has made 200 various shaped coils and has come to understand… A classical coil is the right one. The manufacturer even has a robot for these tests. Maybe it is the world’s first robot with a metal detector? Watch the video: White’s square coils.

If round coils are better, why then are Minelab and Deteknix metal detectors equipped with square ones? For external appearance only?

A square coil comes standard with the Minelab Go-Find 20, Minelab Go-Find 40, Minelab Go-Find 60, and Deteknix Quest PRO metal detectors (the latter have an almost square-shaped coil that looks very similar to those shown by White’s).

4 Responses to Square coil or classical one? Video

  • No square coils please!!!!!

  • very good video,showing that Whites do not sit back and copy rivals,but get on with investing in R&D.HH

    • My poor uneducated friend!
      What in your language is “investing in R&D” in normal human
      language means “to throw money away”!
      There is well known fact that round coils (concentric or DD)
      ARE much better than elliptical or any other form!
      Ask any THer and he will tell you in details what form of the coil
      is better and why.

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