Part of a professional hunter’s outfit or paranoia?

Supposing you find a beautiful stone or a wonderful fusion crusted piece of metal – will you take it away with you? And do you usually put your finds in your pocket? It’s a bad habit which, if you don’t have this device as a part of your equipage, may cost you several years of life…

According to professional treasure hunters, a Geiger counter is a useful thing to have while metal detecting. Some of nice rocks you are so eager to take away with you can be really dangerous. Plus, you can check all strange fusion crusted pieces of metal – in some cases they may contain substances emitting radiation.

What is more, the owner of this device shared his observations and experiences in everyday life. Turns out, fire-alarm thermostats also have a background radiation. Sometimes jewelry with stones emits radiation, too. And there are really people who wear natural minerals around their necks, just at several centimeters from the thyroid.

In your opinion, does a detectorist really need a Geiger counter? Or is it paranoia common to all owners of a divine XP Deus? All of Diggers’ tips are collected here.

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