Opening the Nokta Makro Racer. What’s inside the machine

All too often one tries to compare the Makro Racer with the already existing detectors. But why compare the machines? It’s better to compare the finds. Here’s a photo report of the Makro Racer opened. What’s inside the detector?








All about the Makro Racer metal detector is collected here (news, videos, tests) and here (specs, features, comparisons, search coils, manual). Plus, all content related to the opening & repair of Makro Racer will be collected here.

3 Responses to Opening the Nokta Makro Racer. What’s inside the machine

  • R&D was made by First Texas.
    Racer 1 is strongly improved version of Teknetics T2.
    Racer 2 is strongly improved version of Fisher F75.
    Racer 1/2 is very good metal detector.
    I wonder if First Texas will ever make anything better than Racer 1/2?

  • August will show who make a better detector and it will be First Texas Products, Mine
    lab and maybe Whites Electronics with multi-freq machine.

  • Donry den, nemate někdo slektro schema makro racer1. Pokazil se mi. Děkuji za odpověď

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