Nokta Fors Gold Plus and Nokta Impact metal detectors. NEW 2016

Nokta, the Turkish manufacturer, has announced the new products 2016 – Nokta Fors Gold Plus and Nokta Impact. See the new metal detectors from Nokta (+price).

Nokta Fors Gold Plus 2016


The Nokta Fors Gold Plus metal detector is a modification of the already existing Fors Gold model. It uses the VLF Induction Balance technology, a 19 kHz frequency. Emphasis is put on ground balance (it’s important when prospecting for gold nuggets). The price of the Nokta Fors Gold Plus is $799 (MSRP).


Nokta Impact


They first started talking about the Nokta Impact metal detector at the beginning of 2015. In some stores there even appeared announcements (for example, Kellyco – the price of $595). And the first photos of the Nokta Impact were the same as those of today’s Makro Racer. But the matter did not get any farther than the announcements, information about the Nokta Impact was taken away… And now it’s in the news again.


It can be confidently said that the new Nokta Impact is an enhanced modification of the Makro Racer. One-to-one similarity here and there, an armrest and battery compartment. Turkish brothers (Makro and Nokta belong to two brothers, these brands have recently merged).


An 11-inch coil, large screen with backlight, 12 search modes, vibration response, many settings… Does the Nokta Impact have a flashlight like the Makro Racer? ))


The year 2016 will be interesting that way… Deteknix, Fisher, XP, White’s, Garrett, MarsMD, AKA (see the list here). Joulupukki will be simply ‘flabbergasted’ at these NEW!


Mew: Nokta Impact – here it comes! NEW 2017 (video, PRICE)

Nokta Impact – here it comes! NEW 2017 (video, PRICE)

All about the Nokta Impact metal detector is collected here and on Knowledgebase pages.

28 Responses to Nokta Fors Gold Plus and Nokta Impact metal detectors. NEW 2016

  • if this NOKTA IMPACT is as good NOKTA FORS it going on my must buy list.
    are CRAWFORDS in UK selling IMPACTS

  • Nokta Impact is as good as Makro Racer.
    Practically the same unit (with the same problems).

    • Hunted many a time with the Racer1 and Racer2 in very wet ground and didn’t have any issues at all, nor have I seen on the many detecting forums I visit and reports of such issues.

      I do hope that they use the same coil 11″ DD coil as the Racer 2, as the one in the photos here appears to be the Racer 1 coil which isn’t the greatest coil, but the Racer 2 coil is top notch. Also will be interesting to see if the coils are interchangeable with the R1/R2 line, and if not, if they use that awesome little 4.5×5″ OOR coil that came out when the Racer 1 did, it’s a superb coil, I’ve dug coins at 8-9″ deep with that coil that my other high end machines never even hear. I’ll be buying an Impact when it’s released that for sure!

    • Your really make me wonder… How comes you know more than all of us? And what kind of problems did we – the users of the Racer – miss so far??

  • What are the problems that the Nokta? I’m thinking to buy a Nokta.

    • The first but not last problem is too high
      operating frequency as a result erratic
      operation on wet ground.
      There are lots of complaints!

      • No dramas with wet ground nor wet sand with nokta fors core :-)

      • Even if it was a frequency issue, you have the ability on the Impact to change the frequency to any one of the three frequencies available.

      • So you would expect such an experience at 4 kHz ? As you stated it would be the same machine…

  • Here are the intriguing details about a new Nokta Impact:

    The Nokta Impact will be released at the end of the first quarter 2016 (if the manufacturer doesn’t face the challenges).

    The manufacturer is choosing what kind of detector the Nokta Impact will be – dual- or triple-frequency one (4 kHz, 13 kHz, 17 kHz 4 kHz, 14 kHz, 21 kHz). Yay!

    And what is more, Nokta is preparing other new machines and pinpointers (the manufacturer says there will be a lot of new models, so prepare your wallets).

    • The manufacturer is choosing what kind of detector the Nokta Impact will be – dual- or triple-frequency one (4 kHz, 13 kHz, 17 kHz 4 kHz, 14 kHz, 21 kHz). Yay!

      Does that mean you can use multuple frequencies at once? That would make this a ground breaking machine! Sure others do it (V3i, Minelab, CZ, etc.) but they simply don’t have the unmasking capabilities that the Makro/Nokta machines do.

      Sounds like it should be getting released soon if they originally reported it was slated for a Q1 2016 release as we’re half way through Q2.

      • I sure hope they do make it so you can use any frequency as well as three at once as this will make it a much better all round detector for virtually any environment.

  • Makro Racer, Is a awesome machine if you want depth, so the IMPACT if it’s like the Racer, and only 5% better that is a massive improvement to many machine’s on the market. and for it’s price tag, imsure they will improve as much as they can for you guy’s aslong you support them…

  • One small addition to my post above.
    Multy-frequency metal detector is 150% improvement
    over single-frequency machine.
    IF you have trouble with wet ground on 17kHz you
    just drop down to 4kHz and you have no problems
    any more.
    Multy-frequency technology gives you a freedom of choice.

  • The most recent word out from the company is the 3 Frequencies the Impact will operate at is 4, 14 and 21 Khz. The release date will be in 2016 but they are not saying what Quarter of 2016, just saying by the end of the year. The Impact will be selectable frequency but multifrequency and waterproof detectors are also in the works.

    • I’m really eager to have it in my hands soon… And I love the fact that frequency will be selectable as multifrequency-units have their drawbacks too, as you will be aware.

      The best of course would be a techology like Zero Voltage Transmission with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I would jump on it without any doubt, IF it had iron discrimination or unmasking built in. But I guess the power of this baby can only be so high, because it works on a all ferrous mode only – fine for Down Under, as long as you don’t stray around in public parks…

      Where did you hear (or better read) of these plans for multifrequency Makros?

  • hi i would like to know how much is the cost of this detector?

  • I think The Impact will cost more than a $1000 & is being released next month & will be much deeper seeking than any other detector.

  • Does this come with Vibration Mode? please, please please said “yes”

  • I still do not know which is a better machine for detecting gold nuggets in highly mineralised ground. The gold plus or the impact.

  • Who has already tested it?
    I’ll order one today.

  • Just received the Impact 4/6/17. kHz’s on my machine are 5, 14 and 20kHz. Just thought I’d
    let everyone know.

  • Yes

  • Since I own an Impact now, I will try to answer the above questions unbiasly. Yes, it has a vibration mode, 0-5. The Gold machine is 19khtz. The impact has the 20kHz option I would use the Stat and Stat(d) mode for prospecting. Pretty powerful.
    I really like the impact. Hits targets hard and I can dig my target in nails with the discrimination. That separates the impact from the other machines I use.
    I like the quiet modes in trashy and high mineral grounds. (VLX VLX2, D!3, STA and ST(D). This machine has the modes for each person’s style of detecting. I will use 7 of the 12 modes and all frequencies. I would only wish that it was a continuous multi-frequency machine for this price. Other than that I recommend it for an intermediate machine.

  • will nokta/makro ever do an alllterrain model for underwater like the at pro

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