Minelab Go-Find is a winner. Are you surprised?

For whom do the manufacturers make their metal detectors? I thought these ones were made for treasure hunters. Today no matter what hunters are thinking about the Minelab Go-Find, the manufacturer has a special occasion – the Go-Find has won.


The Good Design Awards (Australia) took place on May 27, and it’s the Minelab Go-Find that got an award for best design, in the Sport and Lifestyle category.

I’ve tried out these machines in practice (bought with my own money). The Minelab Go-Find devices have a good screen and normally fit in with the class of inexpensive detectors in terms of their practical capabilities. The problem lies in the construction and impossibility to change the coil. If this machine came with the Minelab X-Terra shaft, it would definitely get recognition from users.

But it’s also good to get at least an award, isn’t it? Or not? All about Minelab Go-Find metal detectors is collected here – Go-Find 20, Go-Find 40, Go-Find 60.

4 Responses to Minelab Go-Find is a winner. Are you surprised?

  • Who is doing marketing in Minelab? While sellers are trying to prove to treasure hunters that the Go-Find are real detectors… Minelab are posting such photos on their page. Probably I know nothing about marketing ))

    (photos from Minelab’s Facebook page)

  • gofind only have a design and ergonomic for him , you cant compare and ace250 with a gofind and they are at the same price range… but ace250 is truly crushing the gofind performance wise, and quality for price.

    • and the Eurotek Pro machines Crush the ACE 250 on performance, so where does that leave the GO-FIND?, these awards mean nothing as they have little substance behind them

  • Well said

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