Minelab Go-Find 40. Photo review

Continue viewing the details of new Minelab Go-Find metal detector series. Here: non-demountable, square coil, diminutive armrest. See the Minelab Go-Find 40 review.














Minelab Go Find 40 with another coil

Previous photo review of the Minelab Go-Find 20.

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  • Hi i have a gofind 40 and although not entirely disappointed as an entry level machine unlike a national geographic detector that someone brought me, i do think that minelab should have put a five stage discrimination on the 40 as they did the 60, because you still hit trash even though the digital display says five green bars and flashes jewelry,you dig only to find its a beer cap ,which can be disappointing as a new detector. I personally enjoy being out in the fresh air and a find is a find (?2.06) in eight hours lol .But you could easily be despondent and give up on the hobby i think the discrimination could be of a slightly higher standard considering what you pay for an entry level machine i plan on upgrading my machine to the x-terra 705 as soon as i can and keep the go find incase a mate wants to tag along for a morning

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