Minelab Go-Find 20-40-60. New video

Minelab has rolled out the new video: Go-Find 20, Go-Find 40 and Go-Find 60 metal detectors. Perhaps, they themselves like these promos… But why can’t a child cope with the Go-Find 20? Why is a smartphone app so simple? Watch the video.

Don’t you find the child on this video can’t cope with this metal detector? Maybe it was necessary to reduce the total length of the device?

I am sure the manufacturer will be able to call the simple interface of the smartphone app minimalist and easily understood for any hunter… But what is its essence and how is it connected with a metal detector?

It is sad… The serious manufacturer introduces a new series of their metal detectors. But the more information you get, the more disappointed in this new product you become. It remains to wait when the metal detectors will be available for sale, take in hand and finally decide… Is the Minelab Go-Find a toy or a real entry level detector?

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