Minelab Equinox 800: recovery speed test. Are you serious about it?

If the new Minelab Equinox 800 has a Reactivity setting (identical to that of the XP Deus), does it allow to equate this machine with the XP Deus? The Minelab Equinox 800 has 8 reactivity levels, whereas the XP Deus has only 6+1 of them. Which detector is more awesome here?

Have a look at the Minelab Equinox 800 recovery speed test:

And here’s a test performed with the XP Deus. Is there a difference? Or is it correct to compare the Minelab Equinox 800 with the XP Deus?


Let me remind you: 2 days ago, Minelab revealed its new metal detectors 2017, the ones which had been announced as sensational and revolutionary. The Minelab Equinox 800 has turned out to be one of such devices – a good, one can even say, nice machine. But it bears imperceptible resemblance to something. Don’t you notice?

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  • Guess that is why Minelab sued Deteknix. Looks almost identical to the Quest detectors

    • Thought it looked like the Deus? I’m more concerned as to my CTX and how much I paid for it.Im not 100% sold on fast speed as it s not the be all and end all.However pulling coins out of mineralized ground is another ,along with being able to give audio on the Target/coin.The video to me does slow down a tad when the piece of iron is near the coins.The smaller the coins and this will diminish as well.Does the Equniox use multiple frequencies VLF and AUTOMATICALLY adjust to whats best to read the good Targets?.

      • Minelab are dropping the Equinox name ,and calling there new machine the CTX Lite .

  • I’m pretty excited pending some real testing. Been wanting a new machine to upgrade to from the AT Pro, but until now didn’t have all the right features.

  • minelab won on this one …your clearly hear that the nox has the upper hand, and im a deus user. in fact i have a minelab sov and a deus

    • As a result of Fast Signal Processing the recovery time is short!

    • The test was not equal the Deus test was done with smaller iron pieces here is the same test done with a larger piece with the Deus

      and another with the AKA Intronik

      almost any fast detector can pass this test.

  • can tell you too that the deus separation is not as good as a macro racer 1

  • I was commenting that all posts up to the release are all speculative and having now handled and used the detector for over five hours on an actual dig I can say that this detector is going to be a winner.

    Its selectable single frequency like all VLF’s (XTerra, Deus, Impact, etc but the big plus is that at a press of a button it becomes a multi frequency machine.

    Very fast and so sharp on tiny items. I was finding the shot from a 12 bore cartridge and very deep with a lead token about the size of your quarters at 13″/14″. Also pulling out bits of bronze deep from a heavily hunted area. Also in the same area found my first hammered coin with it a tiny Elizabeth First farthing.

    For beach hunting you can select single frequency for the dry sand and multi frequency for the wet so again going to be an excellent beach hunting detector.

    I would say that this is the first detector that has broken away from the repackaged new machines coming out all the time with the same technology inside a new fancy box.
    Minelab owners forum.

    • well call me old fashioned ,this machine in its current format only needed to be FBS ,would have done it for me, oh joy haven’t got to put a plastic bag over the control box when its persistently
      raining , not there first foray in to switchable frequencies is it, I once owned a Eureka Gold,not sutuble for the UK..

  • Speed!!!!!…..Fancy names!!!!!!……new box!!!!!!….Same dog, new collar….more $$$$$$

    • Weight + speed + frequencies + BBS + usability + etc. New cat with sharp claws!
      For much less U$$$$!

  • Latest Equinox video by Brandon Neice at Detectival

  • More info on Equinox from Mal on Minelab owners forum who’s an experienced detectorist.

    If you only are at Corfe when we tested it against the Deus and even the CTX’s.

    A lot of raised eyebrows (and odd swear word) when the Equinox could find signals that the others could not.

    Some of it was down to the set ups of the Deus (black coils and HF) and CTX’s but other signals the Equinox showed what it could do in the iron loaded fields.}

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