Minelab Equinox 800-600 VDI Numbers. Gold, chain, jewelry

The Minelab Equinox isn’t the magic machine – it’s not a secret anymore. You asked for an underwater X-Terra, you got it. Here’s some helpful info for all the owners: a big test of the Minelab Equinox 800 on gold and silver, a VDI list. The chart given will say much about your detector. Test targets: gold jewelry, various rings, pendants and earrings. Plus, a chain, coins and much more. If you are a current owner or a potential buyer of the Minelab Equinox 800-600, this test is a must-see – you’ll start digging foil at once.


Meteorite test:

All about the Minelab Equinox 800 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Minelab Equinox 800. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • I am missing large silver coins,coppers and Spanish cobs,but the 600 loves memorial pennies.over hyped over priced piece of crap.cant believe I paid 700 dollar for this shit.the recent update has shown no improvement on hitting large conductors.warning do not waste your money on an equinox.

    • You have to say thanks to Minelab engineers who gave us Eunuch 600 and
      Eunuch 800 metal detectors the multy-frequency metal detectors castrated
      of Fe – Co function. IF they had a Fe – Co function the situation with target
      identification could be a bit better! Alas, we have what we have…
      P.S. I paid for my Eunuch 800 nearly $1000.

    • You must have a faulty machine. I have an equinox 800 and it is hands-down the best metal detector I’ve ever owned! It’s only rival is the XP deus which is not waterproof and is not multi frequency. Check out calabash digger on YouTube for more information on the equinox.

    • Learn How To Use It, it’s EXCELLENT
      IT’S YOU

      DON’T B A CRY BABY ?????

    • I have found it to be quite the contrary.
      It helps if you set your last bin to max tone volume and pitch, the silver will scream.
      In the last two weeks,

      US belt plate
      1865 indian
      1851 seated dime
      1877 seated dime
      1893 barber quarter
      1851 and 53 trime
      1837 capped bust reeded edges half
      MS 62 on that

      Tons of bullets artifacts and other coins

      I hope you got your equinox back, I was frustrated at first also.

      • Please explain further how to better set the equinox 800. I am new to metal detecting, so I am learning the jargon.

    • Best deep silver and gold machine out there beats detectors double the price i was not a minlab believer till now got the 600 3 months ago 1856,1859,1876cc silver quarter ,3 washington silver quarters i pulled out of my heavily hunted back yard no other detector pulled 3 quarters out, ive got over a pound of silver in 3 months dont believe these guys , its a great detector with a short learnin curve and this is my first minelab it got me 2 bigcoin silver serving spoons 14inches down and a foot apart that was 5 ounces of my silver rite there give me your equinox ill give you my at pro lol

    • I’ve had no problem with high conductors 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • VDI numbers will be alot lower because they are less conductive. Steel conductive better thus higher numbers thus silver, copper gold lower numbers. Wheat pennies copper low newer copper coated zinc pennies higher. Hope this helps.

    • I’ve found five Mercury dimes, two pre 64′ Washington quarters, one Standing Liberty quarter, and a Franklin half so far in the same park in 2022! About a month of searching! The Equinox 600 was used there! I had to slow down and listen to the faint high tones! I plan to go over the same search area with the larger 15 inch coil!

  • this machine is a real coin collector … I had xterra, at gold, at pro, gti2500, nokta impact … and I tell you my dear, that minelab nox 800 cleaned the area thoroughly after all the equipment I replaced. I am shocked. Each equipment must be known, come with it 100 hours and you can only say something … I wholeheartedly recommend Minelab Equinox 800 and I do not want another. Greetings from Poland.

    • Very interesting opinion indeed! I wonder in what way can I separate former
      Soviet coins from beer caps and aluminum wire IF they all show VDI from
      10 to 20!? Eunuch 800 is a multy-frequency metal detector with single-frequency
      target indication! It is not informative enough to separate targets properly!
      Greetings from Russia.

      • If it rings up between 10 and 20 you should be Diggin the signal anyways?

      • Get a 6inch cool good for separation of vdi numbers.then slow down a bit and watch the numbers slowly with any size coil and you will see the difference. Hope that helps.

  • the equinox is nothing but the quality tools minelab was famous for.

    for me this was a mistake , i regret my self buying one.

    sorry minelab, this one is a no go for me and i say that as a 8 year steady minelab user

    way to many flaws and issues.

    • Can you provide examples of the issues you are having? Having recently purchased the 800, I’m in the process of learning the machine.
      Thank you much!

  • Sorry to hear the above comments been using Minelab for over 15 years and think the 800 is the best yet !

  • I have detected for 30+ years. Several detectors and years later I just started with the equinox 600. I would agree it is not as easy to learn as many others but even right out of the box it will find coins where others have declared it hunted out. With time and experience I am getting even better at finding deeper coins and digging less trash simultaneously……and that is always my goal. Sorry you have had trouble.

  • Why do gold chains barley register except in all gold mode.

  • have had mine a couple of months been detecting since mid 70’s. I don’t know whats wrong but i go back to hard hit old haunts and of course new spots and am very happy with silver production at both, I have noticed high bias settings seem to affect this I run on 1 or zero depending on iron nails content also have 600 nox so far i am happy with it.

  • I just got my Equinox 600 two weeks ago and I am still working with the settings. I have gone back to places I’ve hunted with my AT Pro and I am finding targets I missed.

  • I’ve had Garrett detectors, still have a XP Deus, and bought my Equinox 800 because my Minelab Safari finally died. I love it! The one thing I don’t like, was the same with the Safari. If you get the sensitivity up there you get the dreaded “bump” tones every time the coil hits anything. This machine can be used from a novice to expert and considering what you get, it’s actually a huge bargain! Almost 1/2 the cost of the Safari, and hundreds less than the XP, and I’d go head to head with a CTX 30/30 at 4 times the price.

  • Live in Brevard county detect our beaches from the cape to Indianan river county. Equinox 800 is absolutely a great machine. I own a ctx 3030 and a Excalibur 2. Use my equinox more. Great depth and picks up chains unlike my ctx 3039 and Excalibur.

  • I’ve been using the 800 now for 6 months. Been detecting since 1980 with many different machines over the years. Love this machine. Hunted with the 800 this month over an area that I hit hard over the years. So far dug up 1 Buffalo nickel 2 merc’s 2 Indian heads oldest was 1864 and my best find so far colonial 1/2 penny dated between 1729 and 1739. Glad a talked myself into the purchase.

  • Well I’ve been swinging a VLF for a ‘little’ while, just like Swollen Knuckles and frankly I’m puzzled at the negative comment on the Nox 800. It’s hands down the best VLF machine I’ve used, I use mine for gold nuggets in junky areas and I believe it compares to the GM 1000 which is a specialized machine, your thoughts on that subject would be welcomed. It’s possible Minelab have produced a few defective Equinox machines, but they do have a 2 year warranty. As I’ve suggested before use it in the factory settings and it’s a very simple machine and the way it notches out hot rocks in the gold setting is awesome. Is it not also possible that the naysayers are are die hard Garret fans who just can’t face up to the fact that Garret haven’t been able to keep pace with Minelab. I should know I was one of those people.

  • I was really frustrated with the Equinox 600 giving low or weak signals on easy targets until I learned how to actually use it properly and then it became the best detector I’ve ever had. It’s actually really simple.

    1. Pick the profile for the area you’re detecting in; park, beach, field.
    2. Set the detector to all metal (horseshoe button).
    3. Set the sensitivity between 15-20.
    4. Lift the coil from the ground, 20 cm / 8 inches, and press the ground balance.

    You’re now good to go. If the detector is chatting too much lower the sensitivity one point at the time until you find a sweetspot. Should you get to a different kind of layer and the machine starts chatting again simply ground balance it and continue.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am thinking of purchasing one of these detectors.

  • I’m a die hard garrett user. I own a at pro, at max, and the apex. I’ve waited long enough for garrett to step up. My nox 800 arrives tomorrow. Sure there will be a learning curve so some of these posts are useful.

    Greeting from cape cod.

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