Hunters’ marvelous finds from illegal auction

There is an illegal auction in Eastern Europe where the hunters sell their finds. Some auction lots surprise with their uniqueness. See: the finds from hunters’ illegal auction.

Gold Aureus — $12 864


The gold aurei are plentiful at this clandestine auction. Every month the treasure hunters put up these coins by the dozens.


Helmet, phial and harness of Villanovan period — $7 339


A find with the age of 3,000 years! For those in the know even a word “rarity” can’t nail down the value of this find. The collectors are crazy about such items. But it has been sold for a modest cost.

Srebrenik of Type III — $4 318


This is the very case when thousands of dollars are paid for a couple grams of silver. But the condition of a coin is very bad.


Vladimir’s Srebrenik — $3 886


One more similar coin. And a type is the same, but the difference is $500.


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