How Minelab metal detectors are made. Video

Watch the video: a tour of Minelab. Who is making the metal detectors for us and how? Everyone who wants to find some interesting details for himself will be able to do it. I, for instance, was keeping my eyes skinned for Minelab employees from Asia ))


If you ask me, a Garrett Factory Tour is more interesting. But, on the other hand, Minelab can’t shoot a similar video (or it can?).

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  • Hi I have owned several minelab detectors my concern is now is the quality of the new ones …are they better than the older ones …I have noticed the Sdcs are manufactured in Malaysia that is a concern to me …also the new 5000 which I am going to purchase …is the quality the same as the earlier ones there are a lot of rumours around that they are not as good …I owned a 7000 I was very disappointed with the weight and the coil quality… I felt that it was cheaply manufactured ..I sold it

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