Gold Digger Land or Sea pinpointer. NEW 2015

Gold Digger, the Chinese manufacturer, has rolled out a new pinpointer. See the photo and video: Gold Digger Land or Sea pinpointer, a novelty 2015.


Proper static mode (the thing that should be checked as a matter of priority in China made units), 360° side scan detection area, sound/vibration/light indication, water submersion up to 3 meters, sensitivity setting. Now available for… $99. A China made pinpointer for such price? Who needs it?

Sellers are actively praising the previous Gold Chinese pinpointer (photo & video). Have the Chinese started to make operational pinpointers?

2 Responses to Gold Digger Land or Sea pinpointer. NEW 2015

  • The name is “Gold Digger” not “Gold Hunter” you are confusing two different probes. The Land or Sea probe is waterproof to 20 feet and you describe it being waterproof to 3 meters when its more than 6 meters. I have been diving in salt water with the Land or Sea probe and it works great. I have tried other probes that are rated to 10 feet deep and they have trouble with salt water, but not the this probe.

  • Designed and developed in the US by a company called Gold Digger Innovative Products, not Gold Hunter as stated in your posting. It is manufactured in China for the US market. Even my Excalibur is made in Malaysia. As long as its built right, that’s what matters. Very happy with my “Land or Sea” probe.

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