Garrett’s new trademark. Photo

Garrett registers a new trademark — CHARLES GARRETT! See the photo. Plus, there’s a list of possible goods that will possibly be sold under this trademark. How about thermometers and thermo detectors?


This is real Grandpa Garrett – the company’s founder, legendary Charles Garrett. He is holding a gold pan in his hands. It is symbolic… Luck is in your hands!

The following goods (specified in the list) will be produced under this trademark:

– Plastic pans of special design useful for panning for gold and similar materials of high specific gravity
– Electronic metal detectors
– Mine detectors
– Thermometers
– Thermo detectors
– Accessories

All about Garrett is collected here. Let me remind you: Garrett’s Birthday is on April 1st, and it is that particular day on which the new Garrett ACE 200-300-400 sales are scheduled to start.

4 Responses to Garrett’s new trademark. Photo

  • An old man with empty dish is begging for small change.
    You say “trademark”?

  • Is it just me to whom this New Garrett Logo seemed to show an elderly man with an empty plate asking for alms! I have nothing against. But so it is :)

  • Maybe look better with him holding a metal detector, but I instantly knew what it was, kind of cool…

  • This is amatuer hour…….if this is the best that the new Garrett Corp. can come up with…..well I just don’t know!!!

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