Garrett AT Concept. NEW 2016 or a fake?

In the year 2016, manufacturers will keep surprising us, stock up on popcorn… The first image of Garrett AT Concept has appeared. Is this a new metal detector 2016 or a fake?




Here’s the Garrett AT Concept: water submersion up to 6 meters, color screen, new discrimination technology. Is it a smart metal detector? The one Fisher was talking about. Has the future arrived?

The real news from XP: a deep nozzle for the XP Deus and an XP pinpointer.

10 Responses to Garrett AT Concept. NEW 2016 or a fake?

  • In regards to the question; “Has the future arrived?” yes it has…and its called XP Deus….

    The only thing I would want to have on my XP is a shape view (if such a thing excists), other then that this is lagging several years behind the Deus. And saving space?! Not so with that control panel sticking up all the time…

    • My Teknetics T2 SE with DST will out perform the Xp Deus, with out spending a bunch of money.

      • Yes it will LOL… I am amazed more people don’t know just what a beast the Teknetics T2 SE is… The market’s biggest little secret. Slap a NEL on it and nothing touches it. The separation and recovery matches the XP Zeus and surpasses it in depthis and is much more sensitive to the smallest of targets.

      • im behind you 100% with that one ronald!

  • whats the point in a shape on the screen if its a good target, u going dig it anyway. lol on a PI YESSSS THAT BE FANTASTIC, FOR PI ON BEACH’S…

  • Garrett gave a wink that they have a few more “aces” in their sleeve!
    This “concept” may turn out to be NOT fake!

    • So is this true for this year because they better announce it beforw they lose ppl to fischer and whites with there new detectirs comming out…im in market for a new machine and well….

  • If the AT Concept is shown in fully folded mode I strongly suggest Garrett redesign it so the control panel lays flat. In it’s current awkward shape it does not appear to solve the problem of transporting detectors with out sacrificing a lot of space. Also I hope the new unit includes a back lit screen. The absence of one is a major hindrance on my AT Pro.

  • Garrett MDs to me are number one,,,,but as l do more research and see all other reviews and field tests,,,l see Garrett is lagging behind in some areas,,,,,was interested in the AT PRO..BUT willing to wait for new Garretts coming out for 2017 …pls help me make up my mind..looking for AT PRO comparable…thx very much

  • I hade the t2 se for a year and a half.Horrible machine.Absolutely horrible.I switched to the etrac and have never looked back again over 300 silver coins and dont have to hear that horrible annoying duck quack the t2 se makes dont but that overprices duck quacking pop tab finding overprices piece of garbage.etrac rules…

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