Garrett ACE 400 depth test. Video

How do treasure hunters meet the new Garrett ACE machines? There are two claims… Why there is no ground balance, and why the new Garrett ACE devices can’t be used underwater.

Inches: Centimeters:
Earring (gold) 2.5 5.1
Bullet (19th century) 10 25.4
50 cents, flatwise (1920, silver) 11 30.5
50 cents, edgewise (1920, silver) 8.5 22
10 cents (silver) 9 22.9
Pull tab (aluminum) 12 30.5
Ring (gold) 13 33
50 cents 12 30.5
Cannon grapeshot 15 38

If you need ground balance and underwater searching, then the Garrett AT PRO should be your metal detector.

All about the new product 2016, Garrett ACE 400 metal detector, is collected here (news, tests, videos, reviews) and here (specifications, features, searchcoils, manual).

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