Fisher and Teknetics China fakes. Photo

Fisher and Teknetics are warning about China fakes of their metal detectors. See the photo (a sad similarity, it is impossible to distinguish).









See the China fake of Garrett ACE metal detectors: a photo report.

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  • It is possible to tell fakes. 1. Price. 2. The counterfeiters don’t sell many teknetivor fisher products just the green t2 and Goldbug. That’s it.
    3. While in function the counterfeits do seem similar, a counterfit’s average lifespan is about 60% or less than genuine, made in El Paso, Tx, equipment. Not any Fisher or Teknetics products are made in China.

    • Assembled in the US or boxed in the US with perhaps some US made parts is not the same as MADE IN THE USA. They are Chinesium with perhaps some US made parts assembled into them and shipped out as US proud. Like ho people have finally accepted that their Harleys are basically chinese made and partially assembled in the US for sale as US made.

      Old vintage detectors sure. Same as with Harleys.

      • Not assembled in the US and not boxed in the US! All First Texas Product
        metal detectors are (Proudly) Made in Mexico then delivered to store house
        in El Paso and distributed all over the world!

    • If you were to get a popular cloned Fisher and open the clones control box you will find the same board with Fisher stamped on it as in the official. They are made in China along with almost all other modern control boards are these days. You can view the pictures online and even people’s testimonies on this site.

      I wish companies did not farm the work out to China in the first place and if they do, set prices based on the fact they did, instead of getting upset that the same supply and demand principles are the ones we are also using when we want to save a buck. All parties including the Chinese manufacturers are taking advantage of this.

  • Hi. Where/how to get original Fisher detectors?

  • I have a bridge to sell E.T if you actually believe that load of misinformation you are spreading. At one time yes, but get with the times. They did. As the fact is the boards and components are made in China. No need to shill for them.

    • Sorry E.T you did not exactly shill for them, I confused your comment with a different one I read and had smooshed them in my memory when responding. The internals are from China. They may ship them to Mexico for assembly as that makes sense. They now can no longer make the claim of made or assembled in the United States then without more easily being potentially fined and held accountable. That goes for all US MD companies including even Whites.

      First Texas could say something like “proudly designed and distributed from the united states”.

  • People love the TX-850. People have opened them up to discover the exact Chinese produced control board stambed Teknetics. Some even go as far as to say that the copied Garrett DD style coil that they now use on it after being sued by First Texas is a better coil then the stock G2 coil on either machine. This honestly would make the TX-850 a better machine for much less than the G2 since they have identical components (circuitry) to the point like with the cloned ACE’s the boards are the same and could also be used for repairs. In that case they are literally the same. I am considering getting the MD 6450 control box to see if it is identical as with ace 400. Doesn’t Garrett have the Chinese manufacturer of their processors used on their chinese manufactured circuit boards stamp Garrett on them now?

    I do not know when and to what exactly they started doing that to, but If true with the ace 300 and 400, any one open the MD 6450 to see if it is even has the Garrett branded chip being made then on the same line in China in it?

    That would be pretty convincing tell in how the Chinese manufacturers are doing it. Not by reverse engineering technology as the US companies and distributors claimed or are trying to claim. But instead they were simply contracted to produce them for the detector companies to save money while not hiring US companies to make the boards.

    We now have fallen quite far behind in that field due to practices like that while formally still being able to claim “Made in USA” do to the former standards for that title being so deliberately lacking and deceiving. Their is a difference between made, manufactured and assembled in. You start looking into it and you see how easy it is for companies like first texas to make that claim and you believing the words at face value when that is simply not the case.

    I use the example of Harley Davidson often that classic “American” yet really made in China POS. It took so long for the owners to accept the fact they had been duped for years on the marketing constantly flashing eagles. USA, red white and blue that they were blinded to the truth. Then flat out didn’t want to accept that their beloved Harley had deliberately been duping them and playing on the “all American” mind set for their financial gains as US citizens lost jobs over it and they were able to continue the “Made in USA” charade.

    This will hurt First Texas and also Whites allot along with some of you that are obviously living in denial or just lying for them. Or perhaps just simply duped as they intended.

    On July first of this year the FTC will now penalize companies like them for making the false claim of “Made In The USA” unless they can prove that 100% of it was manufactured in the United States of America. They will be allowed to tell the truth (if it even is) assembled in the USA.

    Look up the new Made in the USA Labeling Rule. Better worn them….

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