Deteknix Quest PRO, unboxing and quick start. Video

Watch the new video: Deteknix Quest PRO unboxing. At first glance… awesome! Will the Deteknix Quest PRO be the real machine?

You can find all about the Deteknix Quest PRO metal detector here. Apart from the Deteknix Quest PRO, a novelty 2015, the manufacturer will roll out two more new detectors in 2016.

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  • It’s a shame that this detector was advertised before it was really ready for the market place.

    The trapped air bubble on the controller screen should have been addressed on the phototype and corrected.

    The manual should have been checked and rechecked for any errors in the English language.

    Even at this late stage these shortcomings can be corrected,if they are not addressed there are those who will ruin any chance of this detector being a success in a very competitive market place.

    I write this a well known and seasoned detectorist who is still interested in purchasing a Quest if the manufacturer can correct any current errors.

    I wish you well and that is why is giving this constructive criticism. Jerry Morris. Bristol .UK.

    • Jerry, the screen sticking is being addressed now and is the reason why we have a short delay in delivery. As far as I know its been fixed ok. I agree it should have been done much earlier. It seems the problem lay in the two screens being positioned just slightly too close together in the first production models. I stopped the delivery of the first units to the UK until they had fixed it.

      Apparently it was not the Manual that had bad spelling and poor english but a leaflet that was placed in the box that was sent to the MDG guy. I proof read the main Manual some months ago myself and sent it back for printing because it needed to be correct. I havent seen the finished printed copy myself. Just hope they did use my version because the original was pretty poor which is why I offered to help.

  • Jerry and Tony!
    You are over-optimistic about Deteknix!
    What ground your optimism is based on I don’t understand!
    Deteknix Quest Pro is a reworked version of Teknetiks T2.
    Deteknix Quest Gold is a reworked version of Fisher Gold Bug DP.
    The device that was stoolen from a stoolen device – a kind of
    ” second derivative”.

    • How do you know these these T2 and Gold Bug rework suggestions are true ??????? Jerry.

  • I could offer you to compare LCD of T2 and Quest Pro ( Gold Bug and Quest Gold) or
    to compare their functions or open the box and trace circuits diagram from PCB and
    compare them but I wouldn’t. I will dig much deeper!
    Practically all companies in the USA are making metall detector for
    half a century and they have a lot of experience.
    How many chinese companies do you know that have such experience?
    ( The right answer is NONE.)
    Then weren’t T2 and Gold Bug stoolen by “chinese comrades”?
    I believe there is such thing as “legal suit” or something like that.
    So to escape from it the “chinese comrades” have to “rework” stoolen property.
    It looks fantastic to steal technology from the USA and then sell it back to the USA!

  • Thanks for the thought provoking reply.

    Don’t underate the Chinese as many of the world’s great nations have used others brains and conceptions to their advantage.

    Nothing changes only the faces.

    Meanwhile as an unbiased observer if the Quest does the business at a more affordable price many detectorists will be content.

    Happy Hunting. Jerry. Octogenarian.

    • Jerry!
      I respect your experience and your dry sense of humor!
      You are right! Nothing changes…(only the number of “chinese comrades”
      is increasing exponentially).
      Happy Hunting. E.T. Pentagenarian.

  • Hate to say it but, its a copy-cat world. Emulate or build a better mousetrap with info you have.
    Been going on since the beginning of time. Always been about money as the driving motive.
    Gov’ts buy, trade, steal secrets all the time……………..big business does as well……many detectors share the same roots as well. For instance Garretts, Gold mountain, D-Tex, Phantom, Tesoro shared circuitry amongst several models, willingly or unwillingly…. that’s just for starters.

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