Detech 15×8 EDS WSS coil for Garrett ACE. Photo review

The 15×8 EDS WSS coil from Bulgarian company Detech first appeared in May 2013, it was then that the new Wide Scan series coils went on sale. See the photo review: Detech 15×8 EDS WSS for Garrett ACE.


The Detech 15×8 EDS WSS coil is interference- and shock resistant, completely sealed. The coil weight: 815 grams. It’s not the easiest, but will be good when stamping grass flat )) The coils come in either white or black color.


The 15×8 EDS WSS coils of Wide Scan family are made for following metal detectors: Fisher F75/F70, Whites DFX/MXT/M6, Teknetics T2, Minelab Sovereign, Minelab Safari/Explorer/E-Trac, Garrett ACE 150/250/350/Euro.


Compare: Detech 15×8 EDS WSS and the 9х6.5 coil from Garrett ACE 250.


The advantages of the Detech 15×8 EDS WSS coil are high sensitivity to small targets, good discrimination between different metals (including gold and bronze), detection depth.


In this example, the Garrett ACE 250 with the Detech 15×8 EDS WSS coil has its detection depth increased by more than 40%. So it’s a very good reason to re-check the ‘hunted out’ sites.





All about Garrett ACE 250 metal detector is here. All about Detech 15×8 EDS WSS coil is here.

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