Comparison: White’s TRX vs Garrett Pro-Pointer. Video

In my opinion, a White’s TRX pinpointer isn’t usable enough as, for instance, a Garrett Pro-Pointer is. The White’s TRX doesn’t complete a full 360° detection area – providing a tip only detection. There are also other opinions, though… Watch the video: White’s TRX vs Garrett Pro-Pointer.

All about a Garrett Pro-Pointer is collected here (videos, comparisons, tests). Plus, there is additional information (specs, features, and more) on Knowledgebase pages. All about a White’s TRX pinpointer is here and here.

One Response to Comparison: White’s TRX vs Garrett Pro-Pointer. Video

  • I thought the idea of a pin pointer was to actually “pin point” the actual location and not an approximate location? My Garrett will go off but I don’t know if it’s in the side of the hole,the bottom or what a lot of times. I’m glad my TRX only Lin points at the tip. When it goes off it’s pointing right at the object. I like both but the TRX to me is more accurate.

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