Comparison: Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer vs Minelab Equinox 800. Ground test

Here’s a comparison: Makro Multi Kruzer vs Minelab Equinox 800. Which machine sees deeper and doesn’t read non-ferrous objects as ferrous ones? Is it the Makro Multi Kruzer? Or maybe the Minelab Equinox 800? Or it makes no sense to draw a comparison when there is the great and mighty XP Deus nearby? Let’s see an interesting ground test!


All about the Makro Multi Kruzer is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Makro Multi Kruzer. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • The second test show that the kruzer is better at handling emi :-)

    • Kukuruzer is single-frequency (narrow band width) device so
      it is less sensitive to EMI. Equinox is multy-frequency (broad
      band width) device so it is more sensitive to EMI.
      Both detectors have frequency-shift (frequency adjust) to fight EMI.

      • im sure there is little bit more to it than only being the fact the equinox is simultaneous multi fr?q .
        We will see how nokta/makro tmanage when they will try to imititate the bbs .

      • Nokta/Makro will not even try to “imitate” BBS/FBS they are
        basically single-frequency detectors. The First Texas didn’t give
        them the Fisher CZ multy-frequency technology so Kukuruzer
        series of metall detectors will meet serious problems.

  • Thanks for visiting, Heather. Hugs to you!!

  • I tested the nox indoors, same field 2 program and on multi frequency it was fairly noisy, as I increased the single frequency the noise decreased until at 15khz it disappeared altogether (at 18 sensitivity with 11″ coil). I then increased the sensitivity to 22, where it just barely started to make the slightest soft chirp occasionally, I would definitely hunt at that, or at 23, but I stayed at 22 for the air test.. A Merc dime gave a diggable accurate signal to just about 10″. Very definite no doubt at 9 1/2″.

  • Adrian Harris: Makro Multi Kruzer coil test

    Doing a aftermarket coil test with my Makro Multi Kruzer using the new Karma 13″ coil there was overhead electric cables near by but this test shows how good this machine is handling EMI

  • The first question we need to ask is, was the Minelab updated with the latest software update?
    As far as I know, there has been only one update to the software as of July, 2021, which came out shortly after the Minelabs debut.
    Why is this important? The software update was needed to correct the machines faulty response to silver.
    I doubt that the machine in this video was updated.
    The poor showing of the hammered silver suggests that the Minelabs software was not updated yet.
    I suspect that the Minelab would of done better if it had been updated.
    Having mentioned this, I would not be surprised if the Kruzer outperformed the Minelab.
    In fact, I would not be surprised if the Kruzer outperforms the Equinox in the gold fields.
    I own the Equinox 800. I have used it in the Arizona US goldfields. Not impressed. Have not found any nuggets yet. Esp at the price, I feel that the Kruzer is a way better buy. I am sure that the (aggressive) Minelab dealers will have a total fit if they read this!!

  • What really matters is which machine has the most effective discrimination to the deepest depth. Once tone and VDI cut off that depth is not as valuable. If you’re a dig it all type of hunter then you might be more impressed with a machine like Deus or Anfibio. But if that were the case, you might as well go flat out pulse induction. We don’t do that, so disc at depth is important and something we rely on to minimize junk. That’s what Minelab and multifrequency are for.

    Truth be told most fairly deep machines are in a sense “multifrequency.” Take the F75 or the Simplex, even the Deus and Anfibio, if you like. They all send out 2 signals even if they are the same frequency. The Simplex sends out a disc filtered 12khz signal while simultaneously sending out an unfiltered all metal 12khz signal. This allows you to do two things. In disc mode it enables you to hear deeper targets than would necessarily register on VDI. It also allows you to obtain a VDI in All Metal Mode. This is not the case on all metal detectors, particularly older ones. Its ingenious and as far as I know began with the F75, though it may even go back to the MXT. Dave Johnson’s brainchild, though don’t hold me to that. I’m going off the top of my head. Either way way, it was a genius move to employ a filtered and unfiltered signal, giving you the best of both worlds in every mode. Sometimes that extra depth comes in handy if you feel like digging a couple blind targets. It’s how some of the best targets are found.

    As far as Nokta Makro, they have some good options available to them in developing multifrequency and I doubt they plan to reinvent the wheel much. Patent protection for BBS and the CZ platforms have expired, making them anyone’s fair game. FBS 1 and Whites Spectra V3 system must also be cutting close to running out. They can take any one of those systems and tinker around the edges to get a little more depth and a little more speed, then house them in a modern build and they are all set. I just don’t see them doing multi from the ground up. There aren’t too many Dave Johnsons and Bruce Candys out there. The last one was probably Jeff Foster who coded the V3i. Since then it’s been all Minelab all the time. Nokta-Makro missed a prime opportunity to be a leader and push the hobby market forward when they decided to make the Invenio a 2 piece monstrosity nobody could afford instead of an integrated unit more competitive with the CTX-3030. Instead it sells only to people who are looking for large and deep objects with deep pockets. Those who buy it for those purposes end up selling them when they realize it’s not as deep as a two box. So it’s in a no mans land. No reason it couldn’t have been packed in a CTX type housing. No reason it can’t now.

    • Garrett obviously has also showed up on the multifrequency board, but not with a very competitive showing. I don’t think they reinvented their own wheel either. Something tells me their deal with Whites took place much earlier than was announced to the public and their multi-flex platform is suspiciously close to what was planned for the Whites V4 right down to the frequencies, but minus the color screen and many mixing algorithms planned.

  • I have the 800 got the Multi Kruzer for shallow water hunts and it reminded me of an Apex but I admit to having little experience with the Apex. I kept the Kruzer for a backup and shallow water machine. I found it to be chatty in the salt serf. I had decided to get the Legend to compare with the 800 since they figured out we really wanted a cheaper 800 like machine but held off. I am glad I did. Most people who got them right away like I was going to that had the 800 are selling the Legend as lightly used or “open box” on ebay and keeping the 800. So I got the 600 for shallow water and use the 800 on land. The Multi Kruzer is about to hit ebay. I think right now. My new 600 did take on water but to my suprise dealing with Minelab now is great. My first detector (of many) was the original numbered hand made grey sword, still have it and it still works. But I gave up on cussing out minelab customer service under my breath years ago and learned to repair them myself. This new minelab US service center it is like a night and day difference now. But I am also reflecting going back like 25 years when I started not liking the warranty and customer service of minelabs on all the Excals I have had. It is like night and day now. Funny thing is I just had accepted the poor customer service and still preferred the machines over the other brands with better customer service and warranties at the time. Sort of a testimate to Minelab since they still seemed to have come out on top in the metal detector world. I will get a Legend eventialy. Never know may even replace the new 600. Lol doubt it, but open to it.

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