Comparison: Makro Multi Kruzer vs Minelab Equinox 800. Ground test

Here’s a comparison: Makro Multi Kruzer vs Minelab Equinox 800. Which machine sees deeper and doesn’t read non-ferrous objects as ferrous ones? Is it the Makro Multi Kruzer? Or maybe the Minelab Equinox 800? Or it makes no sense to draw a comparison when there is the great and mighty XP Deus nearby? Let’s see an interesting ground test!


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10 Responses to Comparison: Makro Multi Kruzer vs Minelab Equinox 800. Ground test

  • The second test show that the kruzer is better at handling emi :-)

    • Kukuruzer is single-frequency (narrow band width) device so
      it is less sensitive to EMI. Equinox is multy-frequency (broad
      band width) device so it is more sensitive to EMI.
      Both detectors have frequency-shift (frequency adjust) to fight EMI.

      • im sure there is little bit more to it than only being the fact the equinox is simultaneous multi fr?q .
        We will see how nokta/makro tmanage when they will try to imititate the bbs .

      • Nokta/Makro will not even try to “imitate” BBS/FBS they are
        basically single-frequency detectors. The First Texas didn’t give
        them the Fisher CZ multy-frequency technology so Kukuruzer
        series of metall detectors will meet serious problems.

  • Thanks for visiting, Heather. Hugs to you!!

  • I tested the nox indoors, same field 2 program and on multi frequency it was fairly noisy, as I increased the single frequency the noise decreased until at 15khz it disappeared altogether (at 18 sensitivity with 11″ coil). I then increased the sensitivity to 22, where it just barely started to make the slightest soft chirp occasionally, I would definitely hunt at that, or at 23, but I stayed at 22 for the air test.. A Merc dime gave a diggable accurate signal to just about 10″. Very definite no doubt at 9 1/2″.

  • Adrian Harris: Makro Multi Kruzer coil test

    Doing a aftermarket coil test with my Makro Multi Kruzer using the new Karma 13″ coil there was overhead electric cables near by but this test shows how good this machine is handling EMI

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