Comparison: Golden Mask 1+ vs Minelab GPX 4000. MDzoo

Have you seen a Coiltek 40?20 Goldhunting coil in action? It’s really a gigantic loop. It’s hard to carry that kind of thing attached to the shaft. Moreover, not every shaft will survive with such coil. Usually it’s put on wheels. Here’s a new comparison in MDzoo: Golden Mask 1+ versus Minelab GPX 4000.

Have you seen a Golden Mask 1 Plus control panel? It triggers strange feelings… Simply have a look at it.

Let me remind you: Golden Mask has organized an open comparison in terms of depth between metal detectors. The participants take part in it with any machine they want. All tests related to this event are collected in MDzoo.

How the Coiltek 40?20 Goldhunting coil is put on wheels is here. Interestingly, this one is used not only while searching for gold, but also while metal detecting on the beach. These are epic photos, especially when the coil is carried by a bike.

2 Responses to Comparison: Golden Mask 1+ vs Minelab GPX 4000. MDzoo

  • get the golden mask on iron contaminated sites where they fail miserably

  • Hallo golden mask .1vs minaelab gpx 400 .4 .K was Kostun preis Euro bite schreiben danke

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