Balanced shaft is more important than the detector’s overall weight

How much do ground search metal detectors weigh? They vary from about 0.6 to 3 kg. If the shaft is well balanced, however, plus or minus 200-300 grams are imperceptible for the arm. But this balance must be really good. In the pursuit of a happy medium, treasure hunters invent unexpected solutions.


The solution is so simple. A guy claims he can compensate for any coil size due to the quantity of water. I wonder whether water won’t create additional momentum while sweeping. Is it normal to gurgle while hunting?

How important it is even for lightweight machines to have well balanced construction – a homemade adapter for an XP coil speaks for itself. All info related to metal detector shaft is collected here. Plus, there is a separate category – Diggers’ tips.

4 Responses to Balanced shaft is more important than the detector’s overall weight

  • Very interesting i should try that on my racer.

  • The 5.2 lb Minelab CTX 30 30 claims to be balanced. I hate it. I hate the weight. So does everyone else that swings it more than a couple of hours. Minelabs solution is a high tech piece of junk called the Pro Swing 45 Harness. Harness’s are for beast of burden. Maybe Minelab will sell us robotic arms.
    The 30 30 is great electronically.
    The 30 30 sucks when it comes to ergonomics. Really Bad!!!!!
    If you do a fair comparison of the 30 30 vs the hip mounted Sov GT the Sov wins everytime. The Sov is a pleasure to swing. The 30 30 is a nightmare to swing for extended periods. Period!
    Those that downplay the weight of the 30 30 with this “balanced” argument work for Minelab.

  • After trying out and testing many metal detectors manufacturers should be put on notice, that if the metal detector is not balanced well, buyers should just keep their money in their pocket.

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