AKA Intronik STF price starts from $12,000. The most expensive detector?

One does not simply ask $12,000 for a metal detector… But what if? The price for the AKA Intronik STF has become known.


Here’s the AKA Intronik STF metal detector. Manufactured in Russia. Simultaneous operation on two frequencies (3.5 kHz and 14 kHz). A 12.5-inch DD coil (similar product to the MarsMD Tiger coil). Able to work in highly mineralized soil conditions and is allegedly a deep-seeking machine (there are great doubts in this metal detector’s capabilities announced). The price starts from $12,000.







What does the device have in it that may be worth such money?! Space technologies, maybe? Who needs this detector, priced like a car?

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5 Responses to AKA Intronik STF price starts from $12,000. The most expensive detector?

  • It would be nice to know who announced the price of $12.000? What is the source? I talked to AKA direct, Mr. Igor and this was not confirmed at all. I also talked to Stefan from Bulgaria who is highly involved with the development of this machine. He could also not confirm this price.
    People on the AKA Forum speak of several different versions of the Intronik to be released by beginning of next year. But again no price was ever mentioed. I thinks let’s sit back and wait before stiring up the pot.

  • I am interested in mine dedector
    1.For mine fıeld
    2.which model would you recommend

  • it very funny to see that this md is priced 1500 euros in russia…

    • There is nothing “to see” yet! They made only two md – one is testing
      Sergey Zemleroik, and the other is testing Sergey Asgo. If is there the third
      md? I don’t know! AKA company “solemnly promises” to start making this md
      in the autumn of 2018 or the spring of 2019 or some time in the future!

  • how many deep it can sreach

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