4 Major MD Industry Trends for 2019 (you didn’t know that)

Multi-frequency, waterproof design, wireless technology – everyone (who reads the MD-Hunter blog) knows about these modern features, their usefulness is clear and acknowledged by all. The more new products of this kind will be made by manufacturers, the better it will be for us… But there is also one more trend few are aware of today.

Multi-frequency. This technology allows the user to operate several frequencies simultaneously. The idea is not new, however, it’s unclear why it has suddenly become a must have feature among md manufacturers. What machines with such a technology do we know? The White’s Spectra V3i is recognized as a classical multi-frequency unit. And you thought it was a Minelab Explorer SE? Alas, its operation falls short of a full-fledged technology.

Waterproof design. Here everything is clear: if choosing between identical devices, but one of them can withstand submersion, the choice is obvious. Protection against water is not just immersion in water. It’s also about hunting in rainy conditions, protection against dust and dirt as well as possibility to wash the detector under running water. An amphibious unit today is no longer a luxury.

Wireless technology. A new machine without this one can’t be considered as new today. The issue is much wider than just wireless headphones – the device should be connected to a pinpointer and a smartphone as well.

Weight. This one has turned out to be the most unexpected md industry trend for 2019. The manufacturers have started the race to reduce their machines weight. And this is a good tendency. Here’s an extract from the conversation between two detecting guys:

A: I like the White’s Spectra V3i but have chosen the XP Deus.
B: Why?
A: The Deus has lighter weight.

All the upcoming md novelties of 2019 can be found here.

6 Responses to 4 Major MD Industry Trends for 2019 (you didn’t know that)

  • Good job. I think particularly with wireless you’re correct. I’m not a big fan of wireless coils, unless they would be made with screw on attachments from both ends as an underwater option, but being able to connect to a pinpointer should be on all their to do lists. So too should connecting to a smartphone app. The possibilities there are endless, including imaging.

    I’m still relatively young for a detectorist, so I still prefer a machine like the V3i, even despite its extra weight. To me it’s worth the advantage of the information and versatility. I also have an Equinox 800 for water and harsher terrains. I’m hoping now that Carl Moreland is at FTP we will get a cross between a V3i and Equinox. We shall see. Testing of the new FTP flagship begins in about 3 months according to an email I got from Tim Mallory.

    • Jeremy, thanks for useful information! IF Carl Moorland will be able to connect
      Equinox/Eunuch “all digital” signal processing with V3i very informative target
      indication – we get very interesting metal detector!

    • Hey Jeremy – shoot me a copy of that email from Tim Mallory – would you?

      • I don’t believe I have your email, but I do recognize your name from various forums. Message me on either Detector Prospector or TreasureNet and I’ll be happy to provide you a copy of the email and screenshots of a recent Facebook discussion on the F75 page. My screen name on both forums is ?Cipher.

  • To reduce the weight there’s a very simple fix. If the control box is removable, you can mount it on your hip. This way you distribute the detector’s weight just like the Fisher gold bug 2.

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