XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

XP is ready to launch its new XP ORX metal detector. According to the French manufacturer, despite the similar external appearance of the XP Deus and XP ORX units, these are completely, 100% different machines. They claim the XP ORX is a new conception inspired by the XP Deus. A perfect way of presentation, but the manufacturer is cunning a bit.

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

Whatever XP told us about an absolutely new device, the XP ORX has really much in common with the XP Deus. In professional parlance, these two can be confused if desired. And those distinctions that the XP ORX has are more like a ‘cut off’. By the way, why did XP bother with a different name really? Maybe it could be called ‘XP Deus Yellow’ with no sweat?

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

The new XP ORX weighs 40 grams less than the XP Deus. It’s more lightweight due to the shaft. Now there aren’t any rubber handles and aluminum structures – the XP ORX shaft is injection-molded and made entirely out of plastic. It’s highly likely that the new reduced-weight (cheap) shaft will be also sold for/with the XP Deus. Yet today the French manufacturer is experiencing serious competition, primarily from Minelab. While struggling, every euro will count. And although the XP Deus shaft is awesome, it’s expensive enough in terms of cost-per-unit of production. Detectorists don’t value the shaft so much to pay the extra money for the entire machine for the shaft’s sake (as it was before). And if to read between the lines, when XP say they have made a new thing weighing 40g less, it actually means that they made the shaft production cost per unit 40 euros less.

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

Formally, the new XP ORX detector is compatible with the XP X35 coils. But what’s X35? It is 35 frequencies the XP Deus can operate at (with these coils). The XP ORX with such a coil can work at 21 frequencies only.

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

With a standard coil, the XP Deus can have the low frequency at a 3.7kHz rate. Believe me, second time out at a promising place with the detector operating at a low frequency is usually professionals’ deal, and it really works and yields finds (sometimes there are even more of them than if using a usual frequency).

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

The XP ORX with a standard coil has a low frequency of 13 kHz. And just 4+2 programs versus 11 modes in the XP Deus. But that’s not the issue. The saddest thing is the following.

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

There isn’t (and won’t be) the Expert menu in the XP ORX. Figuratively speaking, these pants won’t grow old with you. And if you need a pro mode, you’ll have to buy a new metal detector. Another important feature is that the new XP ORX WS Audio headphones are just wireless ones. You can’t control your machine through this device, moreover, there is no screen. The only things you have are the On/Off button and volume control. Also, the headphones aren’t compatible with the XP Deus detector.

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

Are you scared? Maybe the following information can help you feel more calm and happy: the base cost of the XP ORX will be around 700 euros. But it’s just the base price, as the manufacturer is going to release 4 different configuration options of this unit. Dear friends, what do you think about this?

XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone


All about the XP ORX is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the XP ORX. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

11 Responses to XP ORX: key features. Not suitable for everyone

  • i think that machine is made to clean inventory before a new xp metal detector to replace the deus that what i think, the x35 not being able to go on lower frequency on this coil is a curveball .
    this thing is just a regular remote control that has been software locked.

  • its the Depar with slight variations ,i think its option similar to the 600 and the 800 equinox ,youve a machine with a good pedigree ,just slightly less expensive…

    • Correct, it is a depar which is a machine made by another manufacturer but produced by xp. The machine is massively more powerful in my opinion than the equinox which is flawed. I sold a v3i in favor of the ORX.

      They are not cleaning inventory as a contact that works at XP that I speak to says they have no machine in development because they dont have anything that would beat the deus.

      • chris, you are all wrong! They have a machine that can beat the Deus!
        That is their old project XP GMP/GMaxx II. They buried this project
        to clear the way for Deus. We were waiting for three frequency
        XP GMP II/GMaxx III running at (say) 4,6kHz, 12kHz, 17,5kHz plus
        serious signal processing update, BUT if they make such MD Deus
        will have no chances against it! So XP company is not interested
        to give you a good metal detector!

  • hi guys, I am just a beginner who is aiming to look for small sized nuggets in the Ardennes (Belgium). I was advised by the shop to go either for the ORX or for the Minelab Equinox 800. If I want to use the ORX in shallow water I will loose the signal, right? Then the choice should be the Minelab Equinox 800?

  • Hi , I have a ADS 150 XP never let me down, want to get another xp either Deus or ORX, any good advice? Please

  • The XP detectors are the most incredible machines ever made.I have been in this hobby 50 years and XP is the best.

  • The orx with the HF coils was made for another continent.
    The name was alsof different, and also the looks of the rc was different.
    Because they were made for another continent, XP was worried that the battery in the coil was getting too hot, because of the temperatures in that specific continent,so XP decided tot make the battery in the stem, avoiding overheating.
    It’s clear the orx was intended for goldhunting.
    In europe they were enthousiastic, and ask if they could make it suitable for the European market.
    So xp made the orx suitable for europe, and it was a good call, the orx is a great machine, and it’s a bestseller for XP.

  • I’ve had the ORX for a short time. I am relatively new at this hobby but here’s what I know:
    1. With minimal training (study) I scan tune the ORX for the variable ground conditions in my area.
    2. I can tune it to clearly detect a silver or non-silver coin at 8-10 inches. The tones are understandable, in that after a full day of detecting, I can generally parse out different metals by tones being ‘edgy’ or ‘solid’. A quick manipulation of sensitivity gives me a good idea of depth. Tuning out specific tones is easy, and can be done on the fly so to speak. It is plastic. But I’m not clubbing fish with it, I’m moving it gently in an arc in front of me in broad daylight, so I wont be banging it into any boulders or stumps. It’s weight is incomparable. The ability to pocket the controller and just search using tones is very liberating. I’ve used a Deus. Although likely more capable than the ORX, its a bit more complicated and I also don’t have that kind of money. A good dealer in the US made me a good deal on a package. The syncing of the MI 6 pointer is very convenient. And its adjustability is another great convenience.

  • Is the orx stem stroke handle strong enough to be used for an xp deus light

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