White’s MX Sport crash test. Will you double check?

They took a metal detector, raised it to the height of 2 meters and dropped it on a hard surface… What did the manufacturer want to show treasure hunters by doing such things? If it’s 10 times in a row, that looks promising. But for once in a while, it’s ridiculous. It would have been better if the machine had broken down – it would be more interesting to watch.


All about the White’s MX Sport metal detector is collected here. Plus, there is additional info on the White’s MX Sport on Knowledgebase pages. Happy hunting to everyone!

4 Responses to White’s MX Sport crash test. Will you double check?

  • I find this impressive, that test is more severe than many military and industry tests for products.

  • I get it. You don’t like White’s. We test them this way to make sure they won’t fall apart like some other brands. How about this – try it with a Deus or AT Pro and let me know what happens…. This isn’t an air test, or nail board test, or recovery speed test. It is a “how much abuse can this machine take” test.

    I love the company I work for and am DAMN PROUD to be a part of that family. Like me, they are still made in Sweet Home, Oregon. BTW… How high is 2 meters in FREEDOM UNITS?

    *Bald Eagle Screech*

  • Tom Boykin, your full of shit, sure are some parts of it not made in china? just check inside the battery compartment to be sure !
    So White’s had to pull the detector from sale because of cracking screens, was this detector still waterproof after the 6ft drop test? comme on llets see it again working underwater!
    let’s also see a test of the modulated audio, i need a good laugh
    America is sooooooo far behind, how’s your wirless coming along? lol

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