Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

If you think buying their machine is the only thing MD manufacturers want from you, you are mistaken. They want a long-lasting love from you so that you never stopped paying. And it’s a sure thing that no one will make a detector that will last for your entire life as there appear new technologies, new opportunities… The new Minelab Equinox owners complained about a small trouble. It’s a thing everyone willing to buy this unit should know about.

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Minelab introduced their Minelab Equinox 600 and Minelab Equinox 800 supplied with the innovation – a charging cable with a magnetic connector. Maybe this kind of charger is really much better than the usual one. Let’s take, for instance… Hm, no advantages of a magnetic charger are coming to my mind at the moment. Please write your comments below if you know any.

An owner of the new Minelab Equinox unit faced the following problem – the contact area of the magnetic connector fell out. According to him, the detector was charged only 3 times.

Even if this case is recognized to be covered by warranty (I wonder what Minelab will say), what should the detector owner do right now? The connector is rather unique and it’s difficult to buy the similar one. The battery can’t be removed without losing warranty.

What do you think? Is the magnetic charger worth the comfort you sacrifice versatility for? Or have Minelab created this connector for the only purpose that you don’t use any other chargers?

And one more question. In your opinion, should the detector owner have free access to the battery, e.g., in order to replace it himself?


Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

All about the Minelab Equinox 800 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Minelab Equinox 800. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

46 Responses to Warning to Minelab Equinox 600-800 owners

    • There is no better machine than the equinox 600 or 800. A lot of dissatisfied customers don’t know how to use the machine or out there to dog it. Sit down and learn the machine

  • Detector without the possibility of replacement batria is a defeat.

    • Hi everyone ,I am from Malta iam 52 now so I spend a some of my time detecting ,I have been in the hobby for two years now ,using Garrett’s 200i ,Lot’s of find’s !!! But anyway can you pleas tell me were to purchase an equinox 600 for a good price pleas ,I don’t work because I am sick ,and money is a bit off a problem !!! Thank you all and happy hunting ???

      • Hi Angelo, sorry the reply is kind of late. I am also from Malta but living abroad at the moment. I just got into this cool hobby so I never detected in Malta..how is metal detecting there?

        To get a good idea of price I would check a site which compares amazon EU prices (I use hagglezon).

        Best luck hunting :)

      • I have a new meinlab equinox 800 detector for sale.fully charged just can’t find charging cord.it costs 20$ on line.i will sell mine for 800$ .
        Perfect condition never been in a field yet
        Call me Richard,3604019385 or text

    • smartphone without the possibility of replacing the battery is a failure

    • I would love everything I own to be magnetic.
      Its the cable that shits itself and never the inside bits of your phone or headphones or tablet or tv remote.

      It is a far better system.

      Its a bit like sooking over a jet engine rather than a prop motor or complaining that modern tyres get punctures and the old wooden wheels did not ???

  • Sealed magnetic charging contacts mean one less point of entry on a water proof detector. Or would you prefer a micro USB socket with a protective plug which could be prone to leaks and corrosion, dependant on how well maintained the detector is by the user.

    That point also brings us to warranty issues with regards to water ingress, and issues with bent pins on alternative waterproof connections. The use of magnetic charging contacts should hypothetically mean less detectors returning to the manufacturer for warranty repairs than if a wired connection were provided.

    Likewise the Deus uses a similar method of charging its coils through sealed contacts and unique charging clip (non-magnetic), no complaints there so far other than the odd broken clip and corrosion on the earlier coil contacts (now rectified).

    As with any brand new product to the market, there will always be the prospect of some issues being encountered, and more than likely isolated examples – that what warranties are for.

    Waterproof detectors have not been immune from various issues in the past, leaking faceplates on the AT Pro, cracks and resultant leaking on the Whites MXS, compromised seals on the CTX 3030, and so on. In fact the previous issues with the CTX 3030 were probably the catalyst for a design change on how the Equinox was going to be charged by the user.

    The battery can be removed by the owner, though not really something you should have to worry about in the first few years of ownership. Once again, refer to the Deus use of lithium battery technology if you have any concerns about the use of internal batteries – bit of a storm in a teacup if you ask me.

    • I do not care about the full water resistance of the detector, I need a waterproof coil. For this I would like to be able to replace the battery (maybe some version of the detector for such as me?). Or maybe a detector with built-in two batteries. So as not to recharge the battery, just use the other and discharged top up at home. I’d like one detector for an idea :))

    • Yea, I think the magnetic connection is a great idea. Seems, if I see the plastic separating on the magnetic end, I will just coat the outside with super glue to ensure it stays together.

    • Il problema e che i contatti attirano i metalli ferrosi…e se usati all aperto attraggono e poi sono problemi…vedrete….e comunque il nox ha problemi di allagamenti

  • The photo seems to show the connector on the charging plug came off – not from the detector itself.
    Super glue it and move on finding gold chains no other will find.

  • I just purchased a 600 and it’s on it’s way. I wish I would have seen these comments and information before purchasing it. I don’t like that battery issue of not replacing and the contact points.

    I have an Xterra 705 and wanted an upgrade. Maybe I should have waited. We shall see.

    • John , your going to see that you made a GREAT choice !! I have the 800 , I sold my ATPro because it wasn’t in the same league as the equinoxs !! You are not going to be disappointed. Remember everybody has an opinion don’t rely on everything you read.. Happy Hunting . William N.J.

  • Magnetic charging was brought to market by Apple for charging its MacBook line. I think it’s a wonderful idea. It’s quicker, and less prone to damaging the machine due to broken pins, loosening socket, water leakage, or tripping over the cord taking the machine with it. The only problem I see is the adhesive on the connector head is not strong. If it separates, use a good adhesive and problem solved. I don’t think this was an effort to create a propriety money maker, although that may be a side effect.

    • Sorry to be all geeky but Apple copied the magnetic charger plugs from rice cookers that had been about for years before apple used them.

  • Minelab now has a online form to register your Equinox. You can click here to register your metal detector.

  • The reason these are breaking is because the plug is meant to SLIDE out from the connection not PULLED directly off. My friend has the 600 and read the instructions.

  • mag connector advantage: much less connector failure at the metal detector side. Easier to replace a whole charger versus dig in and solder etc… a bad/worn connector on the MD side. Apple laptops went to this over a decade ago, I’ve never had a failure in 10 years (and I’ve had laptops for about 10 years straight).

  • This connection is a blessing to my eyes, I can even connect without squinting. It is easily bumped off if you move the detector but that’s better than putting strain on a small connector.

    The battery can be accessed/changed by you; begin by removing the 4 screws holding the handle in place.

  • Hi may have just put me off …..i am looking for a detector that works well in wet sand and I can use the coil in sea water ….i have a euro ace at the moment and to be honest it’s biggest pile of shit i had ….ok on land and dry sand …soon as you hit wet sand it goes daft and goes off turn sensitivity down to 2 bars …oh it works but only about 1inch deep utter shit….any ideas of a good machine ….i am on a volcanic island and beach hi t everyday

    • I difficult because we don’t know how high the ground mineralisation is multi frequency would be good and can cope with black sand ,or if you can stand digging almost all targets pulse induction as in PI machines . It would be good to look at what other detectorists use on the beach,,good luck

    • Dont buy a minelab 600, $650.00 of not thought out shiny junk. 5″ under water at the console and it was all over but the crying. leaked and would not shut off. come to find out there is a paper disc in the handle clamp, are you kidding me? Minelab research and development first, sales later. Shame on your substandard products as well as crumbled dreams. Doesnt matter how good your customer service is, if you build a quality sealed underwater detector your phone wont be ringing off the hook.

  • Im thinking of part chopping my 705 what do we think

  • Thank god i found this page,i was about to purchase this unit good thing i didnt.

  • I purchased a equanox 800 last year and my wife and I have been detecting since november last year with the nox , cables are supplied to charge the bluetooth dongle and the detector , we have used our mashine and charged it more than twenty times ans no problems , also comes with a two year warranty , we love our nox and its great in the surf

  • What if a manufacturer used wireless phone charging technology to charge the battery .
    The whole detector could then be placed on the charger .
    Further more ..if this battery had wireless charging why could you not have wireless charge sent from the battery to the detector and run the detector that way.

    if you had a separate battery pack that is removable from where it fits to the detector you could have two batteries … one on charge ,one running

    just a thought I had. maybe minelab equinox 1000

  • I don’t know what the complaints are about. There is NO perfect machine and this is pretty close for all it can do. Maybe the gripers should take up Golf.

  • Can you buy a spare battery for equinox 600 as now resting this I’m confused to buy it or not
    So overall is everyone saying if the battery dies then you have no metal detector as can’t replace battery ?
    Stupid question: this battery is built in so. Or like my chest detector they takes 3 x 9 volt batteries

    I as 100% on equinox 800 but read the difference of 600 & 800 and decided 600 win for what I like but this site now I don’t know What to do or I’m being silly as 600 is greet as I thought ??

  • My first opening of the box of my 600…. wouldn’t charge…returned…. Luck to you all

  • Wow. I’m so glad i read these reviews. Will not purchase a minelab 600. Better stick with the toys i have for now.

    • Dont buy a minelab 600, $650.00 of not thought out shiny junk. 5″ under water at the console and it was all over but the crying. leaked and would not shut off. come to find out there is a paper disc in the handle clamp, are you kidding me? Minelab research and development first, sales later. Shame on your substandard products as well as crumbled dreams. Doesnt matter how good your customer service is, if you build a quality sealed underwater detector your phone wont be ringing off the hook.

  • I’m selling my nox 800 together with wireless headphones a shovel a new beach shovel garret pin pointer root cutter also has the graphite shaft and original shaft only used all of this equipment 4 or 5 times like brand new still has all warranty reason for sale can’t find time to go work to many hour’s please email me sale price for all of this is £800.00 ono can send you photos via email

  • I think the magnetic charger is a step in the right direction but Minelab poorly executed it. I have a smart watch that has a magnetic charger and there are numerous other devices out there that also use this technology but none of them are as finicky as the Equinox detectors. By finicky I mean you have to be careful (and lucky) to get things lined up right, otherwise you aren’t going to charge your detector or even get a blink out of that green light.

  • Purchased Nox 800 end Oct or Nov 2023 don’t know could have been in box a couple of years before being shipped to me battery doesn’t lasts about seven hrs. Headphones want charge.

  • 34098611026 ebay item no.

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