The New Garrett Vortex Metal Detector: 2024 Release

The American manufacturer Garrett is preparing to unveil its new metal detector from the Vortex project. The main intrigue is which model the manufacturer has decided to replace… In case anyone has forgotten, the Garrett lineup includes the GTI 2500. This detector has been on the market since 1999. Truly from the last century.

Which model will be replaced?

If you look at the entire lineup of metal detectors from Garrett, you could confidently choose any segment and demand a replacement. In no category does Garrett feel strong… Cheap metal detectors, mid-range, professional detectors, for underwater searching (including mini metal detectors, which Garrett doesn’t have at all). And even in the Pinpointers category, the manufacturer does not have a clear advantage over its competitors.

Most likely, it is about a new professional metal detector, a replacement for the Garrett GTI 2500 model. These will be multi-frequency detectors (a modified version of the Whites V3i metal detector) capable of searching both on land and underwater.

What is known about the new product today?

There is only a video from the manufacturer with the announcement. The rest of the information consists of ideas from internet users. Here is the video.


New metal detectors Garrett Vortex 5, Vortex 7, Vortex 9. Novelty 2024

3 Responses to The New Garrett Vortex Metal Detector: 2024 Release

  • Garrett V3i ))

    The New Garrett Vortex Metal Detector: 2024 Release

  • Why do you think GTI-2500 and not AT-Pro? Yes, I agree that the GTI-2500 is an old model. But the AT-Pro is already 14 years old (if I’m not mistaken).

  • Garret are going to have to pull out all the stops to get back in the game.there first multi offering didn’t do well , to be honest iv only ever seen 1 on a dig and that was a while ago. I think price is going to have to be really competitive otherwise they’re going to hit problems.the big 3 are all either bringing out multi machines at sub 500 pound prices so unless this machine can really make the grade and price I’m afraid garret will have a real headache on there hands.

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