Teknetics T2 Classic (new): recovery speed test. Video

How is it right to perform a recovery speed test – in discrimination or all metal mode? On the one hand, most treasure hunters disc out iron, so it makes sense to perform the tests in discrimination mode. On the other hand, it’s an initially flawed test. Here’s a video to watch: a Teknetics T2 Classic recovery speed test.

The Teknetics T2 Classic has shown good results. But personally I am left with a bit of aftertaste. The point is that I tried the Teknetics T2 out (a previous one, before it got updated) – the machine really distinguished between targets but… both nails and coins gave out similar sounds, so the ear couldn’t discern them. It makes no sense to speak of VDI – with such target pattern, the value will be bouncy.

That’s what a new Teknetics T2 Classic is. In the U.S. the classic version now costs $500. All content on a Teknetics T2 metal detector is collected here. The main thing about this machine is that there are a great many fake copies of it. The number of counterfeits goes through the roof – it’s not easy to buy the original detector. On Knowledgebase pages there is additional info on Teknetics T2 (specs, features, user manual, list of compatible coils).

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