Sword crossguard. Unexpectedly expensive finds

A sword crossguard is usually made of iron and isn’t pricey, even if this find is 1,000 years old. But not all crossguards are cheap. Here’s an example: a 10th century crossguard sold for $3,064. It’s also made of iron, but there is one difference.


Found: the sword crossguard. Presumably dates to the 10th century. Material: iron. The peculiarity of this crossguard is that it has inlay pattern and darkening. The item was discovered in sandy soil (the condition of finds from this soil type is much better than that of others).







But the most important thing is the price. At illegal MD auction this find was sold for $3,064.

More things discovered (including the ones sold at illegal MD auction) can always be found here. Happy hunting to everyone!

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