Opening the Makro Racer 2. What’s inside the machine

With the advent of Makro Racer 1-2, the metal detector market is in a tight squeeze. And it’s not just competitors that have problems. How will an ordinary treasure hunter decide between alternatives? Besides, we are expecting to see more new products coming in autumn 2016… Until then here’s the Makro Racer 2 opened: a photo report of what’s inside the detector.










All about the Makro Racer 2 metal detector is collected here (news, photos, videos, tests, comparisons) and on Knowledgebase pages (coil compatibility list, specs, features).

4 Responses to Opening the Makro Racer 2. What’s inside the machine

  • Always nice to see the inside. Lot of work went into that.

  • Help my machines not working and component “C73” has burnt up so cant read the writing on top to work out the proper value. sorry but cant see in the photo. your help would be much aprecciated .thanks

    ps the best view is on the sixth photo down.

  • Hallo
    K?nnen Sie mir helfen beim suchen einen Display oder komplekte Box?

  • You can help. I got a plug from the Macro Racer 2.5 detection unit with 5 colored cables. You can send an open view photo of the high-definition connector or the cable connection order.

    Thank You

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